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It’s my time

I love speaking to Empower Network’s affiliates. They are amazing people and love the entrepreneurial spirit. Some people might be surprised that I don’t get nervous speaking with affiliates.

I have a video I wanted to share with you that I call “Family Showcase.” It is a variety of clips compiled into one video that highlight my speaking at various Empower Network events over the past year.

One of my favorite lines from the video: “I am so happy to be surrounded by this group of people because I know that no matter how big a company gets, you can’t out iterate and you can’t out innovate a field of affiliates like you are looking at here.”

At Empower Network, we are a diverse family and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Enjoy this short video of me at various events. I can’t wait to update it in the future as I speak at events.

Jonathan Cronstedt Family Showcase

All the best,

Jonathan Cronstedt

Video Transcript:

Hi! For those of you that are a little late to the party, I am not Dave Wood, I am not Dave Sharpe. My name is Jonathan Cronstedt, I’m the CEO of Empower Network and [applause], thank you.

Then that shift is exactly what creates the path to the abundance you’re looking to build.

Whose time is it?

[Voice on the phone]

Yeah, you got it. So in case you guys know what the Dave’s priorities are, for those of you who don’t know, one of the greatest things about having a stage that you didn’t know you’d have and having control of the room is you get to come up with really cool ideas that you can surprise the Dave’s with, one, two, three…

Public:  Freedom!

It’s interesting because we’re all in here, we’re all being a part of this right now and the thing that you lose touch with so quickly is that you guys are already on the cutting edge just by being here.

Now give me one more, one, two, three…

Public:  Freedom!

That’s what I was looking for. One of the things that I get to do in my role here as CEO or for this weekend, I’m going to be the MCEO, I’m going to get to bring up a lot of the leaders that we have that are here to build in to you.

I am so happy to be surrounded by this group of people because I know that no matter how big a company gets, you can’t out iterate and you can’t out innovate a field of affiliates like you’re looking at right here.

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

I’m actually joined here by my mom and my wife so if I ever look over there, you know, it gets me a little nervous because you know, they’re looking at me, they’re like, they know me.

All right, let’s see if everyone is paying attention, one, two, three…

Public:  Freedom!

Nothing makes me happier than getting to recognize our top achievers in Empower Network.

Wow, I have to tell you, that commission count down thing just gets you going.

Who is going to have achieved the vision that you set today by our next regional event?


We have two founders in Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe that came from the field. They came from the seats that you are sitting in and every aspect of Empower has been built to provide a playground and to right the wrongs that any company may have caused in creating the environment for distributors to thrive.

It embodies a tremendous amount of commitment, a tremendous amount of consistency, a tremendous amount of team building and lifting others up.

You can’t find that heart in another company and you’re not going to find a leader that is going to be that vulnerable, he’s going to bear it all in front of you because he wants all of you up here.

They have teams that have helped them achieve those dreams and they have led them to do it.

So, I have my own microphone and if you guys would just stand up, wave me over, I’d love to find out exactly how your vision was affected.

What that means is, in 2014, you are going to see us reaching down into our leadership.

If you know what you’re going to do when you go home to take your business to the next level, say, aye.

Public:  Aye!

And bringing you all the way through everything we’ve experienced to now.

I’m going to tell you about the power of setting intentions.

And guys, this is something that I need you to go nuts. I’m going to need you to go crazy.

If there’s anything I want to drive home to all of you is that we are a family and we are diverse.

Who help our audience set their intentions for this weekend to set those outcomes in such a specific fashion that you can’t help but achieve 10 times more than you would have, had you come here with, let’s call them loosely formed intentions.

Hey guys, Jonathan Cronstedt, CEO of Empower Network here, I have to tell you I literally just came off stage, you can still probably see me sweating for being under the lights. We had something happen today that we’ve never actually had.

Whose time is it?

Public:  Us!

Whose time is it?

Public:  Us!

Whose time is it?

Public:  Us!

In less than an hour’s time, she went from wondering when it was going to happen but she put out the intention that it would happen in Miami.

It’s my time, it’s my time, it’s my time, it’s my time, it’s my time, it’s my time, it’s my time, it’s my time, it’s my time, it’s my time, it’s my …!

I have to tell you guys, it was outstanding and you only see that here in Empower Network. If you’re not at the event, I hope to see you and meet you personally at the next one and I know that we need you on stage accepting your million dollar rank.

Jonathan Cronstedt

Jonathan looks back at a successful first year

Jonathan Cronstedt reflects as his one year as CEO approaches

As I reflect on the past almost-year as the CEO of Empower Network, I like to contemplate my time and the opportunity I’ve been given to encourage the company’s growth on a global level. I can definitely tell you that the last year has been an incredible adventure.

I was first drawn to Empower Network’s community. It is a large and committed group of entrepreneurs who are aligned in the vision for freedom in their businesses and their personal lives.

I’ve always been interested in lifestyle design and the ability to create something that blends the line of work and play; Empower Network was specifically created to give people the ability to bring that about. Through my work both before joining the company and after, I have found that network marketing is something that people initially get interested in due to the income opportunity but that they’ll stay for the personal development and the community.

I still have a little time before that official one-year mark, but I wanted to share with you some of the things that have impacted me over the last year.

For me, the first year has been about understanding a lot more about the two main goals that many representatives have: achievement of financial security and progress down the path of personal development, which should be blended in a symbiotic way.

During my first year as CEO, the elements of counter culture and counter intuitiveness surprised me the most. Network marketing typically focuses on certain standard principles, yet the amount of success and engagement that our community has with individual ideas is surprising – especially since many of the ideas never would have been incorporated into a network marketing company before due to those standard principles. It’s the fact that it doesn’t require you to go after friends and family and the reality of the success that comes with thinking differently in every area that’s a foundational aspect of network marketing.

Something else that at first surprised me about Empower Network is our commitment to our representatives. We put the representatives first unequivocally in every category, no matter what – even if it hurts us financially. We believe that’s the way our industry should be equipping representatives for success and it’s something I personally stand behind 100 percent.

I hope my second year as CEO will be as exciting and successful as my first. I’m thankful to the Empower Network team for welcoming me with open arms and inspiring me in so many different ways. I hope to be able to continue helping the company grow and prosper into my second year and beyond.

travel tips

A CEO’s tips for stress-free traveling

Jonathan Cronstedt provides helpful tips for travel

Traveling is something I have to do often for work, and something I love to do on vacation.

My favorite place to travel to on vacation is Europe, especially the Italian Coast, Salisbury, Austria and the Greek Isles. They are beautiful and perfect for spending time relaxing with my wife N. Cronstedt.

While I thoroughly enjoy these exotic locations, traveling can be stressful – no matter if it’s for work or play – with the all the hustle happening in and around airports, traffic, layovers and long waiting times. I have a few travel tips I always refer to, especially for my frequent business trips, that may also help other professionals make traveling for work trips stress-free.

These might come across as obvious tips; however, it may surprise you how few business professionals know how to travel. This includes those young business professionals who recently started traveling for work.

Travel lightly: Only take what is essential. Get travel-sized bottles for toiletries you might need and don’t overload yourself with things you probably won’t use. Pack smart. Have a plan for every item you intend to take. Make sure your clothing is versatile and that you can mix and match it with ease.

Carry on: Airports are infamous for losing and destroying luggage. Airlines will reimburse you for any out-of-pocket expenses you may incur when something happens to your luggage, but most have a limit on how much they will reimburse you and it can take a while for you to receive the compensation. My solution is to never check a bag! Carry on only. Not only does it ensure my bag is never too far from my side, but it also keeps me to my first tip of packing on the light side.

Battery life: My final – and possibly most important – tip is to carry an external battery for your phone when traveling. I know my phone always dies at the most inopportune moment. When I’m stuck waiting at the airport, I like to use my phone to pass the time, but things like games, apps and just browsing the Internet drain phone batteries faster than normal use. Having an external battery is necessary because with it, you won’t have to be a wall hugger like everyone else with a dying electronic device, fighting for one of those rare wall outlets. Most of the external batteries available today can charge not only cell phones for hours on end, but laptops, too. Some can even charge both at the same time.

I hope my travel tips will be useful in preventing stress from taking over the next time you have to travel. Do you have any other travel tips for me? Let me know!

Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network. He is also an experienced traveler from California to Florida and across the globe. Jonathan enjoys spending time with his wife and their puppy, Stella.

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empower network successful affiliates

Jonathan Cronstedt gives top 10 things you must do to be a successful affiliate

It’s a question I hear time and again: What makes a successful affiliate marketer?

I have often said that the field of affiliate marketing brings out the best entrepreneurial spirit in our members. With Empower Network, it’s possible to have a great life and a wonderful, satisfying career – as long as you’re willing to work hard. Here are what I believe to be the top qualities of successful affiliate marketers.

1. Be clear about what you want.

Most of us believe that we know exactly what we want. Often, it’s not until we actually take the time to write down a list of priorities, the goals we want to achieve and how close we are to making them a reality that things become clear.

To make it even more helpful, break your lists down and categorize them. For example, you can separate long-term and short-term goals, and life goals versus professional goals.

2. Plan, plan and plan some more.

Planning for your success is more than just a well-worn business phrase or something for you to say you are doing when there’s really nothing happening. It provides a useful method to better organize your thoughts and demonstrate that you are steadfast in achieving your goals.

Map out your path and envision various scenarios as well as how you will overcome obstacles. This way, no matter what’s waiting around the corner, you will be better prepared and know that you’re equipped to handle it.

Jumping into the water and flailing around until you find something to hold onto or waiting for rescue does not constitute a plan. Even the most profitable, so-called “overnight” success has to start with an idea combined with a way to execute it. Empower Network can show you how to work your plan, use it to conquer the affiliate marketing field and lead to your ultimate victory.

3. Do your homework.

It’s important to find out if affiliate marketing is the career for you before you fully commit. The field can be very competitive but there is help available. You should talk to some of the current members of Empower Network to learn about what they actually do and how they spend their days. The best way to do this is to attend the live events to experience the culture of the field.

Once you decide that it’s what you want, the next crucial step is to narrow things down and locate a company that’s doing something you think you’ll enjoy. That old saying, “If you work in a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,” is absolutely true.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to become great doing something you hate. Just think about this: If you awaken every morning dreading your day and the way you have to spend it, how much effort or passion are you really going to put into make your company the best it can be?

To find the right external opportunity, you should start by looking internally.Figure out your own worldview as well as the personal goals you want to achieve, then find a company that most closely matches your ideals.

You can also research the various tools available for affiliate marketers to make your job easier. There are numerous online resources which can prove helpful as long as you know how to use them properly, and Empower Network will guide you in the right direction.

Pledge to become the best affiliate marketer you can. This includes knowing as much as possible about your target audiences, doing research on your market and creating a strategy. Then, you can be happy doing something you love each day while you work to improve your financial well-being.

4. Find inspiration.

Connect with others in the field through Empower Network events and resources. Read books that provide motivation and guidance for your journey. I highly recommend How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis, The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Leading an Inspired Life by Jim Rohn and, of course, the Bible.

In addition, remember that your best inspiration is you. Trust your instincts and blaze your own trail. Tell yourself every day that those who told you that you couldn’t were wrong.

Surround yourself with people whose love and support will give you that extra boost we all require for true success. At Empower Network, we encourage our members to find that ideal work-life balance which is so critical in helping to achieve goals.

Whatever inspires you, make sure you have plenty of it on hand to help you push through the rough times. Swallow that hot, steaming cup of self-confidence and be everything you’ve always wanted to be.

5. Be tenacious and persistent.

The field of affiliate marketing is full of those who start out with fire and excitement only to quickly crash and burn. You don’t want to be one of them.

Many newcomers to the field fail or give up, often because they lack the tools and resources necessary to become great. Others may fall into the opposite trap, collecting mountains of books, courses, software programs and information and listening to people from all sides, rapidly becoming overwhelmed and losing focus. These mistakes can be costly and destroy your career before it has a chance to get off the ground.

It takes both time and effort to succeed in affiliate marketing. In addition, you need to possess a healthy level of tenacity to maintain the same energy and drive that you have when things are good, even when your business is in a slow period. It’s easy to think about throwing in the towel during these times, but a positive, persistent attitude will help get you through it.

At Empower Network, we help entrepreneurs like you handle the challenges of affiliate marketing, such as payroll and technical issues, that can zap your energy and distract you from your focus. If you resolve not to give up, we won’t, either.

This will free up some time to concentrate on other tasks to improve your business, such as engaging with your customers, developing special offers or promotions and using all the tools at your disposal to grow your company.

6. Maintain a willingness to learn.

We all know a few know-it-alls. They believe they have studied all that there is to know about a subject and refuse to accept that others may have something to contribute to their vast knowledge. These people are no fun. Worst of all, they sometimes have incorrect information that they insist on sharing with everyone else, actually spreading damage and doing more harm than good to their area of “expertise.”

In affiliate marketing, there is much to learn, and having a pigheaded attitude will get you nowhere. Additionally, you must pace yourself. You can’t expect to become an expert in a day and get rich tomorrow.

Without the right help, networking and training, you might feel as if you’re trapped in a maze, not knowing which way to turn to get to the other side. Empower Network offers web software, marketing and leadership tools for start-up, home-based, small and medium businesses. This helps to ensure your business is moving in the right direction.

7. Gain the ability to understand your customers.

In any kind of business, but especially affiliate marketing, it is critical to develop a perception of and appreciation for your customers and their needs. While you are working to explain your product, remember to highlight the benefits instead of the features. In other words, it should be all about how your product answers a need or solves a problem for your customers.

You must learn your market, why consumers purchase the way they do, and where your company and product fit in. This is important when it comes to establishing trust, turning needs into leads and creating super fans for your product.

Consumers today expect companies and brands to add value to their lives and to explain how they’re doing it. Some tactics in this area can include blogging and demonstrations of your social responsibility. Empower Network’s signature product is a viral blogging system geared toward helping its affiliates use the Internet to grow their businesses online. It leads them from disenfranchisement through to full self-empowerment.

Above all, keep in mind that customers are human beings. On the other side of those email blasts and online orders are real people who need to feel valued and respected in order to keep doing business with you. Even in business-to-business companies, there is still an actual person making the purchasing decisions. Your customer service must be handled with professionalism, diplomacy and maybe a bit of humor to get the job done.

8. Remember that you are your brand.

You are your biggest brand ambassador. As such, you are representing it all the time. From the moment of your first contact to repeat sales, your customers must feel your confidence in your product.

It’s not enough to think that as long as you have a sound product, the branding will take care of itself. You must work at it through promoting, selling and living it every day.

9. Exhibit patience and discipline.

The field of affiliate marketing is rife with those who dive in seeking overnight success, only to have their dreams dashed and their businesses fail due to a failure to realize that success in this realm takes hard work. If you have the misconception that affiliate marketing is equivalent to hitting the lottery, perhaps it’s not for you.

As you become more involved with the affiliate marketing culture and Empower Network, you will probably find it enjoyable and that it offers a level of freedom unheard of in other organizations. However, you should not mistake this feeling of independence and openness with easy work.

It will take time, patience and discipline to stay the course and become successful. Yes, there’s that word you heard over and over while growing up from teachers, parents and coaches, stressing that having discipline can mean the difference between making your goals or missing the mark. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s just as important in affiliate marketing.

Don’t be swayed by all the get-rich-quick rumors and deceptive gimmicks you find online. Especially when working online, it’s easy to feel like you can slack off and wait for the orders to come pouring in. However, a little effort goes a long way, and if you compel yourself to do something every day with the goal of moving your business forward, it will only make you more successful.

10. Maintain an ever-mindful approach to business.

Affiliate marketing is not a field where you can put your plan into action and then walk away, expecting things to take care of themselves. While Empower Network does provide the entrepreneurs on our team with the tools to grow, there is still much work to be done on the part of the business owner.

You must stay on top of trends and ahead of the competition. It’s also essential that you keep an eye on the market, be aware of where your competitors might be lacking and seize opportunities to gain and retain customers. To do this, you have to be mindful of changes in the industry so that you can adapt and adjust if necessary.

Even when there are unexpected bumps along the way, if you’ve done your homework and kept your customers in mind at all times, you will be able to remain calm and weather the storm. Empower Network will be there to assist you along the way.

Do you use other tactics on your way to being a great affiliate marketer? I’d love to hear about any ideas I may have missed.


Jonathan Cronstedt

Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of a leading affiliate marketing and direct sales company,  Empower Network, LLC.  With the products and services available through Empower Network, the company is helping tens of thousands enjoy the “Empowered Lifestyle.” Jonathan is a car enthusiast who enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife and puppy.


Empower Network

How much do you REALLY know about Empower Network?

At every social gathering, business function or anywhere else adults congregate, the questions are always the same: Who are you and what do you do? That’s easy enough to answer. I’m Jonathan Cronstedt, CEO of Empower Network. Then, the next barrage of questions begins, such as what Empower Network is and how it empowers small-business owners. Well, that takes a bit of explaining.

What does Empower Network REALLY do?

Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, Empower Network offers web software, marketing and leadership tools for startup, home-based, small and medium businesses. We empower small-business owners to make money online without having to deal with the technical, marketing, payroll and overhead challenges that frustrate many entrepreneurs and cause them to give up before achieving their business’ true potential and success.

Empower Network’s signature product is a viral blogging system geared toward helping its affiliates use the Internet to grow their businesses online. It leads them from disenfranchisement through to full self-empowerment through the use of blogs, direct sales and online marketing.

We set ourselves apart by the level of freedom we provide. Others sometimes treat their members like employees instead of what they REALLY are: entrepreneurs with vision and a voice. At Empower Network, it’s the difference between being a business and doing business.

Where do the REALLY big challenges come from?

The industry of network marketing itself is in a very unique place. It does between $120 and $170 billion in business each year on a global scale. While it’s all very real to those who are in it, the industry is facing a crisis of identity.

Of course, every field has its obstacles. For network marketing, it starts with the false perception many people have about affiliate marketing which, admittedly, has gotten a bad rap. The companies that have been around for decades – especially those that failed – have probably contributed to the negative stereotypes.

Just look at a company like Amway, which does more than $13 billion in sales globally, making it one of the most successful dynasties in any industry. Yet because of the way some representatives have approached their world markets, it is now perceived as something many people don’t want to be involved with.

Much of the public, especially in the United States, may still believe that network marketing, also known as direct sales, is all about trying to sell unwanted products to family and friends. However, people may be surprised to learn about all the new ideas and the culture of today’s entrepreneurs.

Another popular misconception concerns how the field is sometimes portrayed in the media, where even a small failure gets more attention than a big victory. Also, it’s unfortunate that some choose to sell this industry to others as a get-rich-quick enterprise. While it’s true that an entrepreneur may make six figures in this field* without climbing the corporate ladder like those in the private or corporate sector, it’s important to note that individuals have to put in the work and stick with it. Overcoming these stigmas can be taxing when you’re just trying to provide a service and build the best business you can.

In addition, people look upon the field differently depending on where they are in the world geographically. For instance, in many other countries, network marketing is considered a viable career path, and yet here in America, it’s still regarded with disdain. The attitude toward individuals working in the industry is often “you couldn’t get a job, so you settled for this.”

In countries like Brazil, it can take one to two years to incorporate a business; sometimes in the United States we take for granted the ease of being in business. In addition, here in America, choosing to be an entrepreneur based on someone else’s business structure and doing only what you are best at rather than being the chief cook and bottle washer in all categories is somehow viewed as less than ideal.

There is also the regulatory aspect inherent in practically every kind of business. In any Internet-driven field, we have the additional challenge of maintaining compliance while using technology that moves quicker than the regulations. In other words, technology seems to enhance and improve faster than the rules and regulations designed to govern it. Also, many of the regulations are not written for online businesses, so Empower Network is actually blazing a new trail in this area, using technology that hasn’t really been seen before in the industry; we must continue to ensure that our representatives handle it in a very positive way.

The industry has to own up to the stigma, as many people end up entering the field as short-term thinkers. Numerous companies within the network marketing field have grown quickly – and flamed out just as quickly when they didn’t pay attention to rules and regulations or when they allowed their representatives to do things they never should have done. As a result, the general public typically only sees the negative media frenzy that surrounds a company that fails rather than looking at the companies that are quietly growing.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle for our members is simply overcoming their own personal beliefs and the constraints placed upon them by everyone who says “you can’t make it.” This can be a real stumbling block in achieving income goals. Overall, it may be more of a psychological constraint than a material shortcoming.

Nevertheless, I believe that we must behave as professionals and work to remove these negative perceptions. The industry needs to continue to treat representatives as professionals, train them as professionals and require them to behave as professionals. These are areas we need to improve.

What does Jonathan Cronstedt REALLY do?

I have to say that leading Empower Network has been an incredible adventure. Being able to help drive network marketing while also learning about the gains and path of development is a rewarding experience. Sounds exciting, right?

The truth is that:

  • I spend most of my time traveling and meeting with leaders and customers.
  • I am at the meeting point of my two greatest joys: leadership and business.
  • I define success as engagement, finding experiences that are so all-encompassing that I just lose myself in them.
  • My daily to-do list typically only has about three key items on it.
  • This position has allowed me to truly gain a better understanding of what drives our culture.
  • One of my single biggest accomplishments to date is that in terms of revenue, I am considered – by some – the most successful affiliate manager in the world of information marketing, having sold or been a part of managing partner networks that have done more than $60 million in sales in the personality-driven online information space. This is what ultimately led me to Empower Network.
  • Although Empower Network was already a strong company, when I came on board, I brought more of a focus on the business processes perspective, improving our relationship with the Better Business Bureau, ensuring that our customer service practices were in line, all of our systems and finances were in alignment and continuing to bring greater talent onto the corporate side in order to allow our internal team to function as well as our external affiliates.
  • I am also the Chairman of Prodigy Consulting Group. Prodigy is a product-launch consulting firm with more than $50 million in unique products brought to market. It’s a premiere demand generation firm helping with all aspects of online business.

When I came on as CEO a little more than a year ago, I was able to provide the business acumen that Empower Network needed, but lacked. Prior to my joining the company, the goal was to grow the field from the representative’s perspective.

As the company grew in complexity to serve markets across the globe, I was able to bring aboard items that were missing from the corporate world. I updated the infrastructure, the internal culture, systems and controls in an environment designed to grow on a secure foundation.

And now, the REALLY big question: Why?

Working with Empower Network has allowed me to follow the guidance of Christian author Rick Warren, who wrote A Purpose Driven Life and is a mentor of mine. The book talks about the power of principles and being a sustainable leader.

From his church, I have learned how principles and purpose can guide an organization in a much more powerful and repeatable way than personality. Whether one is religious or not, the principles provide an influential guide for cultural creation and help build a community of individuals who are aligned and moving in a specific direction.

Professionally speaking, witnessing what creates a culture, fosters a team and moves an organization forward is what I admire. When I hear stories of change and see affiliates’ real transformations on our team, I know I am on the right path. Seeing their confidence blossom and hearing them share what this industry has meant to them and their families is what it’s all about.

I want to change people’s perspective on network and affiliate marketing, especially when I get to connect with such a large and committed group of entrepreneurs like we have at Empower Network.

What do people REALLY need to know about being a member of Empower Network?

First of all, people should realize that very little is ever learned by sitting on the sidelines. Do your homework on the affiliate marketing industry so that you understand what you’re getting into, instead of simply jumping at the first opportunity.

Attend the live events and experience the culture of affiliate marketing. Find a company with a culture that matches your own worldview. It is crucial that you enjoy the journey of success, and you can only do that when you choose a company that you want to be a part of as you invest in your future.

Empower Network really allows members to blend the lines of work and play. It truly is a business where people might initially get involved because of the opportunities for advancing their income, and they stay for the strong communities and personal development aspects.

The field of network marketing has been responsible for more people striking out on their own and doing better for themselves than just about any other, and we certainly have our share of raving fans. After all, have you ever seen 30,000 people spending their hard-earned money to attend a convention for Boeing or Ethan Allen?

You have the ability to create whatever level of success you seek while also focusing on the culture of the industry. When we say we put our representatives first, we put them first unequivocally in every category, even when it hurts us. It’s a core value that we hold ourselves to no matter what. It’s how we believe the industry should be equipping its representatives for success.

It is crucial to remember that having a jackpot mentality does not typically lead to success in this field. Expecting to come in and have a lucrative business overnight is unrealistic in any industry, but especially in this one.

Admittedly, this is one of the easiest pathways to becoming an entrepreneur and charting your own destiny. Nonetheless, you must stick with it and invest in the future of your business. With the right work ethic, you can achieve untold results.

So, now you know about Empower Network and the field of affiliate marketing. But I shouldn’t be the one doing all the talking here. I’d like to hear your thoughts about the field and ideas for how we can work together to make it even better.


Jonathan Cronstedt

Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of the Empower Network, LLC. Jonathan enjoys travel, spending time with his wife and red wine. His goal for Empower Network is to help people worldwide enjoy the “Empowered Lifestyle.”

*The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and are not intended to guarantee your success or income level. Please see Empower Network’s average affiliate earnings at

reading books

Make time for reading

Just like it’s important for our bodies to have exercise, our minds need exercise as well. Reading is one of the best tools for mental exercise. In fact, reading benefits you in ways you may not even notice. Oprah’s magazine, O: The Oprah Magazine, printed an article in 2008 that shared a study about how your memory increases as you read. The article is quite fascinating and I highly recommend it.

As the CEO of Empower Network, my life is pretty hectic. Sometimes it’s difficult to strike a balance between work and everyday life, and I tend to struggle to find the time to read. Still, it’s very important to find time to enjoy a good book.

Reading provides me a brief escape from my busy schedule. It allows me to clear my mind and get lost in the pages. Reading is my relaxation at the end of a long workday, and it’s something I really love.

I recently finished reading The Suicide of the West by Richard Koch, which is a fascinating book about six principles that once supported and inspired the western culture but no longer hold true.

I just started The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen, which is about the difficulty companies have with adapting to changing markets. The book also provides a system for readers to use with their own companies to help adapt to the changing market quickly.

Here is a list of the top five business and leadership books that I recommend everyone read at least once:

  • How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis
  • The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • Leading an Inspired Life by Jim Rohn
  • The Bible

I feel that reading makes me a better CEO to Empower Network as well as an overall asset to the business world because it helps me to tap into my creative side while at work. I am able to provide insight and ideas that work for other companies and implement them into my life and work for the betterment of Empower Network. An example of this is Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Church, from which I learned about culture creation, which provided great insight into creating and maintaining Empower Network’s culture.

Like other avid readers, I’m always on the lookout for new books to read in order to build on my knowledge bank. What are some that you’ve recently read that I should lose myself in?

Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of affiliate marketing company Empower Network. When he’s not relaxing with a good book, he enjoys a glass of Justin Isosceles wine and spending time with his wife, Nicole, and bichon/cocker spaniel puppy, Stella.

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Top producer formula empower network

Cronstedt encourages momentum with new products

To say I’m excited for the upcoming Empower Network event in Orlando, Florida, would be an understatement. As CEO, I’m preparing in a number of different ways for the expected 4,500 attendees. Most recently, I prepped with the live launch of Empower Network’s new product, the Top Producer Formula. I’m excited about the Top Producer Formula and how it can help those struggling with their online businesses.

The new product is a training program designed to help affiliates and members figure out exactly what they are missing in their online businesses that might prevent them from making sustainable money.

The Empower Network team created the Top Producer Formula based on feedback we received from members; the overall goal is to assist Empower Network members with improving their businesses and becoming top producers.

As you may have seen in another recent blog post, Empower Network also recently launched an offline DVD marketing kit enabling affiliates to share Empower Network with individuals who like a tangible product in their hands in real time.

For the live event in Denver, Empower Network founder Dave Wood and CMO Mars Burden joined me. Denver was a great experience and we are thankful to the more than 3,000 people who registered for the webcast and participated with us live. We hope you enjoyed it as well.

We are definitely building momentum for the Oct. 24-26 event in Orlando. Can you feel it? Are you registered?

Fight the Forces of Evil DVD

Users seek tools; Cronstedt and Empower Network provides

People are often heard saying that they do not have all the tools they need to complete their jobs and achieve their goals. Can you imagine hearing a doctor say this right before an operation? Luckily, the medical industry is always evolving and many in it enjoy state-of-the-art technology at their fingertips.

As the CEO of Empower Network, I am always working toward new and improved technology and resources that help our affiliates enjoy a greater sense of fulfillment, accomplishment and success with their efforts.

Recently, Empower Network added a DVD marketing tool kit, Fight the Forces of Evil DVDs, to its offering for affiliates to utilize in their work. We wanted a product that adds credibility to Empower Network and our affiliates while allowing prospective affiliates to receive a tangible product in their hands in real time. We want others to be successful as they build their businesses and change their futures. The DVD marketing tool kit is one way to give individuals the opportunity to learn about and access Empower Network.

Marketing online businesses offline and marketing offline businesses online are really misnomers. “Offline” and “online” should be processes that go hand-in-hand and are mutually inclusive of one another, as one effort complements the other.

When Empower Network markets offline, it is through the culture of our company, word of mouth and other referral elements that then move people online to engage with us. The same is true with the Fight the Forces of Evil DVDs, which include a fast-start kit, distributor kit and an opportunity DVD. Individuals in possession of the DVDs also receive a special access code that allows them to join Empower Network online.

We are excited to share this new tool with you and we hope that the new tools we provide add to your overall success and engagement with your work.