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Jonathan Cronstedt on affiliate marketing and content

Tips for affiliate marketers to utilize

By now, most people understand how affiliate marketing works. Affiliate marketers are entrepreneurs who build businesses that help promote products and services and receive compensation for their efforts in driving website traffic.

However, I’ve noticed that many people misunderstand or underestimate the importance of providing the valuable content that makes all this possible. Successful affiliate marketers know that the best businesses are built from positive relationships. Empower Network offers the tools and assistance to help you because it’s crucial that you get this right.

The importance of content for affiliate marketing

Those who are most successful in this field are the ones who realize that affiliate marketing is a process. Unlike Field of Dreams, you can’t just build a website and hope that “they will come.” You have to work hard to gain a following of customers and earn their trust, which begins with content.

In order to get customers to your site and encourage repeat visits, you need to provide something they want, and to do this, you need to know what they want. How do you find out? Do your homework and engage your target audiences to collect helpful feedback and create a dialog.

It’s also crucial to know what words or phrases consumers are searching for when they’re in the decision-making or buying stage of the sales cycle and ensure that your website appears in those searches. And how do you do this? Provide valuable content – like informative articles, product reviews and expert advice – to establish yourself as an authority on the products you promote.

In other words, your content is the only thing that connects you to your target audiences. It’s the piece that will allow you to drive traffic and improve conversions.

So, there you have it. Develop great content and customers will beat a path to your website. Sounds easy, right?

The problem is this: Some people wouldn’t know great content if it jumped off the page and bit them. They believe you can fill your Web pages with any old gobbledygook, slap some banners around and voila: great content. Then they wonder why their businesses aren’t successful.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a professional writer, there are a number of ways you can make your content look good and stand out.

When creating content, ask yourself:

How does this information help my readers solve a problem in their lives? When conducting a search, prospects are typically trying to do just that, so your content must provide answers and solutions.

Does my headline grab their attention? The best way to determine this is to try to think like a customer and ask, “Would it grab my attention?”

Is it original? Plagiarism isn’t just a concern in high school English classes; there are also serious consequences for it in the affiliate marketing field. If your customers can find the same information somewhere else, then they will. You have to offer content and ideas that they can only get from you. Aside from disappointing your customers, imitative content might also earn you negative attention from Google Analytics, leading to a flag on your site.

Are there annoying, sloppy grammatical errors? When your audiences see poor writing quality in your content, it makes everything you write look suspect. If your writing is bad, they’re less likely to think your content will be any good.

What tips and advice do you use for developing remarkable content? I’d love to hear about your thoughts and ideas.


Jonathan Cronstedt

Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, LLC. Empower Network is a leading affiliate marketing and direct sales company that’s helping tens of thousands enjoy the “Empowered Lifestyle.” Jonathan enjoys travel, spending time with his wife and red wine.


No risk, no reward

Jonathan Cronstedt recommends taking a deeper look into entrepreneurialism

November is Entrepreneurialism Month – a time to recognize, celebrate and explore a phenomenon that has impacted the economic evolution of the entire human race. Since man began to trade as a means of subsistence, and continuing throughout the creation of markets and machines, the revolutions of the Industrial Age era and the end of an ice age or two, entrepreneurship has shaped our world for eons.

Entrepreneurialism is a risk – a huge risk that has the potential to yield a huge reward. When Richard Cantillon first coined the term “entrepreneurialism” in 1755, he could not have imagined that an angry, rich man sporting an epic comb-over, yelling, “You’re fired!” would be the poster child for this new word. But what did Cantillon originally intend for the idea of “entrepreneurialism?” What is the phenomenon at its core?

By dictionary definition, entrepreneurialism is “the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture, along with any of its risks, in order to make a profit.” By real-world definition, entrepreneurialism is passion turned into productivity. Entrepreneurs exhibit the unique ability to take something they believe strongly in and use it to better the world in the form of a product or service. An entrepreneur emerges when someone has a passion, envisions that passion as the solution for an unfulfilled societal need and has the wherewithal to take action. After taking that action, developing a business model and garnering the proper resources and support for production, entrepreneurs have the capacity to generate something meaningful for everyone in their target audiences. This effective use of power benefits both the entrepreneurs and their publics simultaneously.

So what does this term mean to entrepreneurs? To them, entrepreneurialism is never hearing the words, “You’re fired.” It’s never “getting the pink slip,” working under any horrible bosses, or hating the work they engage in every day. Instead, entrepreneurs enjoy self-employment and the freedom to complete the work they want, when they want, with whomever they want, without anyone squelching those wants. Entrepreneurship is more than balancing work and play; when you love what you do, you don’t have to balance work and pleasure. If work is pleasure, and pleasure is pleasure, then life is good.

Entrepreneurialism has had unmatched positive implications on society, and we, as members of that society, should understand those implications as such. Although Cantillon coined the term “entrepreneurialism” in 1755, more than a hundred years passed before people began fully respecting entrepreneurship as a driving force of the economy. By the 20th century, however, historians and social scientists began emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurs in the process of economic change. Since then, entrepreneurs have been taking the world and the economy by storm with their innovative ideas and creative energy, creating products others can’t even imagine. Rich in history and premise, the astronomical benefits society has enjoyed thanks to entrepreneurialism for thousands of years will carry on for thousands more.

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questions about affiliate marketing

The affiliate marketing crash course

Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

Whenever the subject of affiliate marketing comes up (which, of course, for me is every day) there are a few frequently asked questions that always seem to crop up. I don’t mind because I welcome any opportunity to discuss the numerous challenges and exciting benefits of this industry.

Answering questions allows me to educate and dispel any misconceptions a lot of people have about affiliate marketing. Here are some of the top questions that come my way:

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing, sometimes also called direct sales, is a program that allows companies to contract with entrepreneurs to help promote the company’s products or services to consumers. The company provides compensation to the entrepreneur based on how successful she is and how many prospects visit the company’s website as a result of her work.

Success is measured using first-party cookies that work in conjunction with web browsers to collect, store and identify information from a search. When a consumer clicks a link from an affiliate site, the company receives information regarding which affiliate site originated that particular link. In this way, affiliate marketers can be properly credited for their work.

Thanks to programs like Empower Network, affiliate marketers can get tools and tips on promotion, management and growth of their businesses.

How does one choose an affiliate marketing program?

Affiliate marketing is a wonderful way for an entrepreneur to start a business and make a great living while maintaining a good work/life balance. Don’t look at it as hitting the lottery, though – you still have to make sure that the programs and businesses that you choose to promote can help you achieve your financial and business goals.

Perhaps one of the best methods for choosing an affiliate marketing program is to start with something you already use or like. You’ll find that it’s much more enjoyable to promote products that you’re already passionate about rather than items that are unfamiliar to you.

For example, if you regularly blog about fashion, you probably have a few favorite retail outlets or clothing brands that you frequently turn to, so it should be easier to find a lot to say about those places or products. Next, you’ll want to delve deeper to locate the best company within that niche.

As you conduct your research, look for things such as the popularity and potential longevity of the product. One way to do this is to check out competing products and their promotional efforts. Another aspect you should consider is the commission rate relative to the product being sold. For example, if you’re promoting a product that retails for $30 and you earn a 60-percent commission, that’s a pretty fair rate. Items that sell for a higher price or products that allow you to earn a commission every time a customer renews his purchase may be fine with a lower rate, but anything below 40 percent may not be worth your time.

There are also different types of affiliate programs. Some pay a commission only when an actual sale is made, but others pay when a customer provides an email address or completes a form. The ones that don’t require a sale may still pay you when an actual sale is made. Do your homework to find out which program is right for you.

You’ll also need to make sure you read the fine print before choosing an affiliate program. Some have restrictions, which you may still be able to work around, but you should know what they are before you make a decision.

Why should an established company set up an affiliate program?

Many businesses – big and small – underestimate the potential of the affiliate marketing model. Others may be disillusioned by the negative stigma that the industry sometimes carries. But if you find the right partners and work on cultivating relationships, affiliate marketing can help drive prospects to your website without the hassle and expense of other marketing initiatives.

Affiliate networks like Empower Network are there to help make the process simple and seamless. We provide the tools necessary to run an affiliate program. This includes the right software to track sales, issue payments and develop user-friendly banners.

Many Web-based businesses have taken advantage of the opportunities available through partnering with affiliate marketing programs. It’s also useful for traditional brick-and-mortar companies looking to expand their online outreach efforts.

Affiliate marketing can be especially beneficial to anyone looking to solve the problem of how to get enough relevant, valuable content to keep customers happy. Businesses are usually attracted to affiliate marketing programs because it connects them to a vast network of bloggers and other companies that are available to help – and it’s relatively inexpensive. Companies can expect to pay a flat fee each month to the network, or a percentage of affiliate payments.

Since the field of affiliate marketing is growing rapidly, you can now find suitable programs for practically any type of business. To make it more manageable, you may want to start by finding a controllable number of passionate, dedicated affiliates rather than having hundreds who don’t deliver results.

Is affiliate marketing actually a scam or pyramid scheme?

Nope. Contrary to what some believe, affiliate marketers are e-commerce entrepreneurs. They work hard to build their websites, develop value-added content and encourage conversions which lead to success for both themselves and their partners.

A lot of confusion still remains about the affiliate marketing industry. Some people think you have to pester friends and family members to “join” and others believe you have to put money in to get anything out.

These misconceptions open the door for certain people to purposefully try to prey on these misunderstandings and scam potential entrepreneurs. It’s important that you’re able to separate the good from the bad and avoid schemes and trickery.

Unfortunately, these bad apples give a black eye to the entire industry. At Empower Network, we work hard to dispel these myths and help each member achieve the best affiliate marketing experience for profitability and true success.

Although almost anyone can work hard and attain business goals through affiliate marketing, not everyone does. Having realistic expectations and the right mindset is the best way to steer clear of hype and distractions.

One thing to keep in mind is that it should be free to become an affiliate marketer. If you’re asked for money upfront, run the other way.

In true affiliate marketing programs, there is no magic formula or big secret that you can purchase for overnight riches. Beware of advertisements that scream “Buy this product and make $10,000 next month” or any such claims that promise guarantees and big rewards without hard work.

How do I know if affiliate marketing is right for me?

As I’ve stated before, affiliate marketing provides the best type of business model for those looking to become entrepreneurs and grow businesses. But it’s not for everyone. Those who do best in this field are the ones who know what they want and are willing to work hard to get it.

In the field of affiliate marketing, you need to be persistent and tenacious, but also patient. Your success won’t happen overnight, but it will come – especially if you make use of all the tools and resources to help you, like those Empower Network provides.

The ability to keep your energy up and remain positive is one of the best qualities you can have in this field. Even when things are slow, you have to maintain a high level of intensity and your strong work ethic to get through it.

Most importantly, you have to have a determined spirit and not give up. This is easier when you realize that affiliate marketing is a process that takes time and nurturing to become successful.

You should also have a willingness to learn. Read books to better understand the industry and seek out knowledge from others who have found success. For example, at Empower Network, we provide several opportunities each year for our members to come together for networking, growth and fun.

While affiliate marketing offers a level of freedom and independence most other industries can’t meet, don’t mistake it for easy work. First and foremost, affiliate marketing is a business and it takes dedication and focus.

Without having a demanding boss standing over you all the time, you may feel the tendency to slack off or not do your best work. In order to thrive in affiliate marketing, you need to have the motivation to continually work at improving your business, whether or not anyone else tells you to do it.

How can I make money in affiliate marketing?

It’s important to note that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. The work you put in is equivalent to the profits you take out. That being said, it is possible to make a very nice living in affiliate marketing and keep a healthy work/life balance; you just have to know what separates successful marketers from the failed enterprises.

Understand your customer base. For one thing, you have to remember that prospects are people, too, so avoid techniques for selling that are proven turn-offs, like high-pressure selling. No one likes in-your-face, aggressive salespeople, and your website shouldn’t be the online equivalent of that.

Focus on providing value and helpful information about a potential purchase, like reviews and enlightening blog articles. If you identify what problems your customers need to solve and effectively explain how your product will help, you’re likely to be successful. Leave the actual selling to the merchant.

Don’t get in over your head. Choose your affiliate programs carefully and don’t take on more than you can reasonably handle. You’ll have to work hard and ensure that any program you sign up for receives your best efforts.

Do your research. Don’t just choose companies based on profit potential. Make sure the company is one you want to partner with and that its customer service operation is stellar. It can be a real disappointment to learn that a customer took your advice and clicked on a link only to receive an inferior product, poor customer relations or tons of spam as a result.

Learn, adjust and grow. Just setting up a webpage and hoping for the best won’t serve you well. You have to take an active role in developing a solid customer base and generating results. This should include properly tracking your pages to discover what is working and what isn’t. You’ll also need to periodically adjust your strategies based on that feedback.

Be authentic and honest. This is easier if you’re promoting a product that you’re passionate about and really want to see success for. You’ll provide a better service and be a better marketer if you’re upfront with your readers. If your product isn’t for everyone, say so. Making false promises will only come back to bite you later.

Stay on top of trends and ahead of the competition. Part of your strategy should be keeping a watchful eye on your market and being ready to jump at a profitable opportunity that your competitors may have missed.

Are there any legal issues I need to know about?

Currently, about a dozen states have laws requiring companies that work with affiliate marketers who are located in those states to pay sales taxes. Although the issue continues to face legal challenges and may eventually go either way, it’s crucial to check the rules in your state. Getting on the wrong side of the IRS can be a business-killer that you must avoid at all costs.

In addition to the IRS, there are also Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules to follow. The FTC now requires that bloggers reveal any arrangements through which they’re paid for their endorsements.

So there you have it: some of my top questions. Did I miss any? I’d love to hear what questions people ask you about affiliate marketing or any other concerns that I can help you address. Let me know in the comments!


Jonathan Cronstedt


Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, LLC. Empower Network is a leading affiliate marketing and direct sales company that’s helping tens of thousands enjoy the “Empowered Lifestyle.” Jonathan enjoys travel, spending time with his wife and red wine.


How to be amazing and engaging on social media

Social media is an amazing place to be a social butterfly! It allows users to post details about their lives, meet new people and connect with some of their favorite brands. But for companies, it’s also a great way to provide informative and interesting content for their consumers, which is why it’s a powerful marketing tool in today’s digital world.

Companies that rock and excel at their social media efforts are the ones that are engaging and really reaching out to their targeted audiences to start conversations, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media network. Every company’s goal is to engage with its customers, and each company might have a different approach that works. But if you’re scratching your head, wondering how to engage and be amazing with all your social media efforts, here are some handy tips to get you going:

1. Find out what your followers want and then give it to them. It’s one thing to provide your audiences with content, but it’s a totally different story to provide them with content that they actually want. And the only way to find out what they want is to ask them. Every once a while, ask your fans how you can improve your social media content so that it’s more appealing to them; then review all the feedback from Twitter, Facebook, etc. To make it even easier, set up a special hashtag for your company’s feedback initiative and ask your audience to use it to inform you of what you can do. Or, you could even make it a general company hashtag and monitor it to see what the general public, your competitors and your industry are all saying about you.

2. Ask questions. This is sort of like the previous tip, but instead of asking how to improve your brand, ask thoughtful and real questions to get your audience to converse with you. Just make sure you keep your questions open-ended and with a positive bent so that you get back positive answers. Also, make sure the questions pertain to your industry. Twitter is one of the best platforms for this kind of interaction.

3. Talk like a real person, not a robot. Be real with your audience and it’ll be real with you. So instead of being professional all the time and trying to sound like the company (although this is important, too), make sure you still talk like a human being who’s at the other end of the screen. Share employee introductions and behind-the-scenes stuff with your audiences so that they can see that you’re not just trying to make a sale. More than likely, you’ll get a lot of engagement with posts of this nature.

4. Share content. Although you’ll probably spend the majority of your social media efforts promoting your brand, every now and then, promote content from others, including influencers, bloggers and even other followers. For instance, on my Facebook page, you’ll see all sorts of content, from inspirational quotes to links to articles and videos I’ve found interesting or helpful. Heck, you could even go as far as sharing something your competitor did! It’ll make your audience feel as if your brand is part of a larger community.

Empower Network has a ton of resources available to help its members and affiliates succeed in their business endeavors across all sorts of platforms. What’s your favorite way to put social media to work for you and your business? Where and what was your most successful post?


Jonathan Cronstedt


Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, LLC. Empower Network is a leading affiliate marketing and direct sales company that’s helping tens of thousands enjoy the “Empowered Lifestyle.” Jonathan enjoys travel, spending time with his wife and red wine.

web marketing

The right tools can make all the difference

Web marketing is important for any business’ success. Every company that has an online presence implements Web marketing to promote its business, but many fail to reach the success their competitors manage. The only reason for this is that those companies don’t use the right Web marketing tools to achieve their goals. There are numerous tools available in the online business world, and it’s up to you to select the ones that correspond to your business needs. I’ve put together a quick overview guide below.

Web analytic tools

These tools help business owners analyze their websites’ performance and identify elements that aren’t meeting expectations. These tools provide the chance to fix any problems quickly and effectively.

Competitor analysis and research tools

These tools are like a detective kit for your website. They allow you to peek into what your competitors are doing to keep their sites at the top of the search results pages and can locate and automatically analyze their back links. They also provide statistical reports that allow you to compare information between different competitors. The type of software you use is very important in this case.

Ranking and reporting tools  

It’s undoubtedly useful to know how your website performs in search engine results. Ranking and reporting tools keep you informed and allow you to take necessary actions immediately. The software is designed to detect the website’s performance in both large and small search engines alike.

Traffic tools

When you’re not seeing the traffic you expect to your website or blog, you’re probably losing a lot of potential customers. Web traffic tools will tell you who you are getting. If the data tells you that your website is missing out on potential customers, you can take effective action, like making modifications to the product or service you offer through the website.

Don’t just barrel blindly into big changes, though; it’s important to get some degree of training so you can make the best use of these web marketing tools that are available to you. Empower Network offers a suite of tools and training aids to help its affiliates and members market their businesses online.

What tools and tips have proven most helpful to you in your Web marketing efforts?
Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, LLC. Empower Network is a leading affiliate marketing and direct sales company that’s helping tens of thousands enjoy the “Empowered Lifestyle.” Jonathan enjoys travel, spending time with his wife and red wine.


Why some affiliate marketers fail

I spend a lot of time traveling the country and extolling the incredible benefits of the affiliate marketing industry. As I do, there is always at least one person who asks, “If affiliate marketing is so great, why do so many affiliate marketers fail?”

Well, just like in every other industry, there are those who succeed and those who don’t. Of course, everyone knows of wildly ambitious entrepreneurs who broke the mold and found their own paths to riches. Still, to be successful in any field, there are some basic principles that you need to stick to, and those who don’t follow them are primed for failure.

Having the wrong ideas about affiliate marketing

Undoubtedly, affiliate marketing provides the best type of business model for entrepreneurs, and it is possible to be extremely successful in this field. However, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. Those who enter this industry believing they will make tons of money overnight are doomed to fail because they get disappointed and then give up too early or too easily.

If you view the field for its real potential, you will fare far better than those who see it as a lottery.

Not doing the work

You can’t build a house by laying the foundation but doing nothing else. The same goes for affiliate marketing. It’s not enough to just develop a website and hope that the money will magically appear. One of the greatest aspects of affiliate marketing is that you are in charge of your own destiny. The work you put in is equal to the success you achieve.

To be successful in affiliate marketing, you have to do your homework, work hard and take all necessary steps to grow your business.

Choosing the wrong industry

Whenever you’re faced with something you don’t want to do, most likely you procrastinate or try to hand it off to someone else; ultimately, you will not do your best work. On the other hand, when you find a job that you love, it can almost feel like you’re not working at all.

In the affiliate marketing field, there are literally hundreds of companies to choose from, and this might overwhelm some people. As a result, they might select a company based on its perceived money-making potential instead of finding something they’re already interested in and so passionate about that they want to help it thrive.

In order to succeed in affiliate marketing, it is crucial to conduct some research, ask questions and find a company that will be a good fit for your skills and lifestyle.

Not taking advantage of the tools available to help you succeed

Unlike some other industries, affiliate marketing comes with lots of tools and support to help you grow your business, like those Empower Network provides. They’re there for the taking, but you need to reach out and grab them. One good way (among many) to do this is to attend affiliate events to learn from and network with others.

At Empower Network, our members have access to and take advantage of the many tools we offer to help them develop their businesses and rise to the top of their industry while still maintaining a satisfying work/life balance.

What lessons have you learned from your affiliate marketing experiences? We’d love to learn from your best advice for success.


Jonathan Cronstedt

Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, LLC. Empower Network is a leading affiliate marketing and direct sales company that’s helping tens of thousands enjoy the “Empowered Lifestyle.” Jonathan enjoys travel, spending time with his wife and red wine.



3 life lessons for every 30-something

We’re all human, we all make mistakes. As we progress through our lives, we often reflect on the years we’ve left behind and past choices that still affect us today. Even as I find success as the CEO of Empower Network, I can recall a memory or two that makes me cringe just a little bit. Jessica Stillman wrote a blog post in which she lists the common regrets people voice once they reach their 30s. Whether her observations apply to you or someone you know, consider these points when making decisions regarding your life and career:

1. Don’t neglect your loved ones for work. Overworking makes people miss out on building meaningful relationships. Instead, find a balance between the two and make time for fun – this something we believe very strongly at Empower Network. When it comes to spending quality time with family and friends, take advantage of those moments. Remember: your relationships will outlast your career.

2. When payday comes around, it’s hard not to imagine all the things you want to spend your money on. Though it makes luxury items accessible, don’t let money become an excuse that tethers you to a job you don’t like. People often find themselves in jobs they don’t enjoy but choose to stay because of the salary. This keeps them from pursuing their true passions because they’ve become accustomed to a certain lifestyle. The thing is, as I’ve said before, if you find work you enjoy, you’ll never have to work a day in your life! Follow your dreams and pursue your ideal goals. As the old saying goes, “Money can’t buy happiness.”

3. Don’t follow the life plan everyone else follows and don’t pressure yourself to, either. An example Stillman offered in her blog post concerned a young woman who said she was told that buying a house would equal happiness, but she didn’t feel the happiness she thought she would. Stillman encourages people instead to listen to themselves, search for opportunities and ignore generic expectations. Life never goes as planned and there is no script that anyone is obligated to follow.

Even if you’ve made these mistakes in the past, it’s not too late to change. If you haven’t, continue to avoid them. Life is too short to let priceless moments pass you by. So go out and grab a cup of coffee with a friend, put down your phone at the dinner table and start working toward your life goals.

What are some of the most valuable life lessons you’ve learned along the way? I’d love to hear about them!
– Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, LLC. Empower Network is a leading affiliate marketing and direct sales company that’s helping tens of thousands enjoy the “Empowered Lifestyle.” Jonathan enjoys travel, spending time with his wife and red wine.

affiliate marketing

8 reasons affiliate marketing continues to grow

There are numerous industries an entrepreneur can dive into in an attempt to make a mark. Of course, you have to be careful about the industry you choose; some are growing, but others have been stagnant for years – and still more are clearly on their last legs.

I’m often asked for my opinion about the future of the affiliate marketing industry. People want to be sure that if they choose this field, it will continue to be sustainable and profitable. I believe the affiliate marketing industry is on an upward path and will continue to grow. Here are just a few justifications for that position:

In the field of affiliate marketing, the sky’s the limit. The amount of time and effort you put in determines what you get out of it. Anyone who is willing to work hard and make use of the tools available – such as those provided by Empower Network – has the potential to succeed.

According to a recent study, more and more affluent consumers are purchasing online,and luxury brands are taking notice. This may mean more opportunities for affiliate marketers to work with these high-end brands.

As more companies recognize the need for engaging content to attract their target audiences, they may come to increasingly rely on affiliate marketers to provide this added value. This opens the door for a variety of industries to join affiliate marketing networks.

Overseas markets continue to expand at an astronomical rate. As e-commerce grows, so does the need for affiliate marketers to provide their expertise and support. Affiliate marketing offers the best kind of business model to those looking to take advantage of these international opportunities.

With the rise of global markets, local and regional businesses are also fighting to compete, and affiliate marketing offers a way to do this on a wider scale. In addition to international markets, there are also plenty of opportunities to achieve affiliate marketing success in your own community.

Social networking is like the gift that keeps on giving for affiliate marketing. Social network platforms generate traffic and encourage word-of-mouth reviews, which are also goals for affiliate marketing. When you put the two together the right way, you get results. Taking advantage of this relationship will help to further the growth of the affiliate marketing field.

Each year, more brands recognize the power of affiliate marketing and what it can do for them. Experts predict that the affiliate marketing field will grow to approximately five billion dollars by 2016, which represents a 17-percent growth.

The development of mobile devices could also be a big gain for the affiliate marketing field. In fact, experts estimate that more than 170 billion dollars in sales will be completed through mobile devices in coming years. More people spending more time online – and who are more likely to make purchases – provide almost endless opportunities to connect with and engage consumers and prospects for your brands. Affiliate marketing entrepreneurs are in the best position to take advantage of this trend.

With all these opportunities for success, affiliate marketing is an industry on the move, and Empower Network is primed to help its members with the best tools and insights for maximum growth for their businesses.

Do you know of other trends that will benefit the growth of the affiliate marketing industry? I’d love to hear about your reasons for joining this exciting field.


Jonathan Cronstedt

Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, LLC. Empower Network is a leading affiliate marketing and direct sales company that’s helping tens of thousands enjoy the “Empowered Lifestyle.”  Jonathan enjoys travel, spending time with his wife and red wine.