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Day 1: Jonathan Cronstedt Blogging Challenge

Jonathan Cronstedt kicks of Empower Network’s 21 day blogging challenge

During week one of the Empower Network blogging challenge we are called to blog about our passions. A passion for me, Jonathan Cronstedt, is reading. You can learn so much from a book and by sharing your reading experience with others. Through my passion I wanted to share with you about a book that impacted me.

I recently read Essentialism by Greg McKeown, you can read some of my thoughts in my blog below or listen to my views on YouTube:

The book is based on the quote from Dieter Rams “Less, but better.” This quote serves to show how sometimes doing less or removing things is better overall.

There are two types of people the non-essentialist and the essentialist. They think, act and receive differently.


The non-essentialist thinks of “all things for all people” and views things as I have to do this or how can I fit everything in. The essentialist will pursue less but better tasks and views things as what I choose to do vs. what I have to do.


The non-essentialist takes an undisciplined pursuit of items, they say “yes” without thinking of the next steps while the essentialist is more disciplined in their pursuit of items that really matter.


This is where the payoff really is: As an essentialist you live a life that really matters because you feel in control and experience the joy of the journey. However, a non-essentialist is not satisfied with life because they take on too much work thus they suffer.

I’ve spent a lot of my life as a non-essentialist and reading this book really affected me. I know I’m asking myself, “Jonathan, what is truly essential and what drives my life?” I’m changing things professionally and personally to remove distractions.

Be the essentialist and improve your business by attending the Empower Network Revolution event in January. You can get more information here:

I hope you enjoy my blog and video. Please share your thoughts below.

-Jonathan Cronstedt


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$10,000 to empower the homeless of Central Florida

Jonathan Cronstedt and Empower Network send a message of hope

Making a positive difference in others’ lives has so many benefits. The more people involved, the greater the impact. One non-profit that is positively impacting people’s lives in the Central Florida area is the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida. This organization impressed me – as a CEO and as an individual – and the Cronstedt team at Empower Network with its work for the homeless.

One of the Coalition’s success stories centers around Jamie and Xavier. Their story is very moving, so I wanted to share it with you here.

Jamie is a 34-year-old single mom with a 9-year-old son, Xavier. Similar to one in three Americans, the duo was one paycheck away from homelessness. Then Jamie lost her job, couldn’t pay her bills and was evicted from her home. That’s when she found the Coalition.

“Somebody else believes in me, so I have to believe in myself,” she said.

The Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida linked Jaime to an on-site partner to complete her GED certificate and she has now started classes at Valencia Community College. She hopes to get her degree in sports medicine and massage therapy. Additionally, the Coalition helped Jamie find not just one, but two jobs.

Jamie isn’t the only one thriving. Xavier is now an honor-roll student and is involved in the on-site Boys and Girls Club, and the two are currently on the waiting list for a community housing program.

On an average night, the Coalition accommodates 673 people. The Coalition provides food and shelter, support, education and mental health services with the overall goal of fostering self-sufficiency and generational change.

There are hundreds of thousands of homeless Americans like Jamie and Xavier, and they all have the Coalition in their corner. The Coalition turns obstacles into motivation; motivation inspires action; action breeds empowerment.

At our October conference, Empower Network made a $10,000 donation to this worthy cause. Empower Network’s mission is to empower as many people as possible through the network, training, products, support, opportunities and the honest and authentic message of hope and freedom that Empower Network offers. That message of hope extends far beyond the reach of our marketing systems and training programs.

At Empower Network, we believe that individuals can use the struggles, hardships and experiences they’ve had in life and turn them into their most empowering assets.

“The generosity of the Coalition’s supporters gave me a place to go. It gave me options,” Jamie said.

One in three Americans are living paycheck to paycheck on the brink of homelessness, but it is Empower Network’s goal to eradicate homelessness and this statistic. We hope to send an authentic message of hope and freedom, and through empowerment, we hope that struggles can become success, and I am thankful to be a part of a company that makes this possible.


Jonathan Cronstedt

Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, a leading affiliate marketing and direct sales company. Jonathan enjoys new technology, traveling, spending time with his wife and red wine.


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jonathan cronstedt

Jonathan Cronstedt shares interview advice

15 ways to nail a job interview

Everyone knows that job interviews can be nerve-wracking. Many people seek to start a job search as the new year begins. As someone who has interviewed hundreds of candidates over the years– both for Empower Network and for other companies – I wanted to provide you with some tips to help you successfully nail your interview and land that job. Find and master a few pieces of advice so your next interview will be successful.

Many people have asked me, “Jonathan, what can I do to nail my interview?” So I decided to share the top 15 ways to nail your next interview (results not guaranteed). Here they are:

1. Look the part and dress to impress. The dress code formula is quite simple: If you look good, you will feel good; if you feel good, you will exude confidence; if you exude confidence, you will portray yourself well and impress the interviewer; impressing the interviewer will help you land the job. Looking the part is a significant part of playing the part.

2. Leave the dead fish at the door. Practice your handshake before entering your interview. Give the interviewer a solid, Cronstedt-style handshake. Leave the dead-fish-wimpy-sweaty handshake at the door and shake the interviewer’s hand confidently and strongly.

3. Maintain comfortable eye contact. Eye contact is a sign of confidence and engagement with the person you are communicating with, both of which are crucial in an interview. Now when I say “Maintain eye contact,” I don’t mean the “I’m staring directly into your soul” or the hypnotic “You are getting very sleepy…you will hire me for this job…” kind, but just a general sense of facial engagement.

4. Watch your body language. Be very conscious of how you carry yourself. Avoid fidgeting, clasping and unclasping your hands, crossing your arms, tapping your hands or feet or anything else that may be distracting or perceived as stemming from a sense of nervousness.

5. Be prepared. Come prepared with answers to potential questions. Consider the types of questions you may be asked, given the company you’re interviewing with, and have a general idea of how to answer. For example, you’d get different questions at an interview to work for Empower Network than you would for an accounting firm. This will lessen your chances of rambling, not knowing how to answer or providing an answer that doesn’t reflect your true thoughts. Have concrete examples of times you’ve succeeded to back up the answers you consider.

6. Be caffeinated. Have a little bit of coffee before the interview. People who drink coffee do everything better. Period. But really. Coffee is the Jonathan Cronstedt way. Drinking coffee will give you the extra boost of adrenaline and the kick you need to nail your interview.

7. Ask smart questions.Ask your interviewer informed questions about her company or the job you’re applying for. You can do this by saying, “After perusing your website, I wondered…” This will show the interviewer that you cared enough about the interview to research the company and that you’re serious enough about the position that you want to know as much as possible about the company.

8. Do your homework. Like the previous tip, going into the interview informed is extremely important. Know as much as possible about the company, because not knowing as much as you should will make you look foolish.

9. Tailor your answers. Know the job description for the job you’re applying for; tailor your responses to fit the company’s requirements for the job.

10. Get excited. Act excited about the job you’re interviewing for.You don’t have to be over-the-top, Jonathan Cronstedt-excited, but you want the interviewer to know that you want this job. Express your interest in the position and make sure the interviewer knows the seriousness with which you are approaching the interview.

11. Create a solid portfolio. Make sure your portfolio is an accurate representation of everything you’ve done and reflects everything you’re capable of doing. Present your portfolio in an organized, neat, clean fashion. Include several copies of your resume, printed on clean, nice paper.

12. Know your stuff. Please, please, please make sure you know your resume inside and out. Do not fudge any details or throw a little something extra in there to make yourself sound better or appear more interesting. I’ve stepped around a bug on the sidewalk to avoid killing it on more than one occasion, but I’d never put “Jonathan Cronstedt saves lives every time he goes outside” on my resume. Not only is this unethical, but it will come back to haunt you.

13. Take care of yourself. Get a good night’s sleep before the interview, eat a healthy breakfast and drink plenty of water. So, basically, everything your mom told you to do growing up.

14. Send a thank-you note. I know you’ve heard this a million times, but sending a written thank-you note speaks volumes. In our technology-driven era, written communication goes a long way.

15. Follow up. Follow up with the person who interviewed you. Some people who do the hiring get bogged down; a quick follow-up is a great way to put yourself back at the top of the hiring manager’s mind during the lengthy hiring process.

I hope these tips help you in your search for a job in the new year.

Bonus tip: Keep in mind that imperative in this age of social media is to make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and that your Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other view-able social media platforms are cleaned up and don’t include inappropriate content that could lead to you not being hired.

Best of luck in 2015! If you end up deciding you want to own your own business instead of working for someone else, consider starting or buying a business, and if you’re looking to join Empower Network and get to know me, Jonathan Cronstedt, the opportunity is always there for you.


Jonathan Cronstedt

Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, a leading affiliate marketing and direct sales company. Jonathan enjoys new technology, traveling, spending time with his wife and red wine.


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Jonathan Cronstedt eases affiliate marketing concerns

Empower Network, CEO Jonathan Cronstedt, shares misconceptions with affiliate marketing

When people have negative things to say to me about affiliate marketing, they usually begin by trying to convince me that it’s not a good business model or by making statements about why it isn’t for them. Instead of taking offense, I look at these encounters as opportunities to help spread the message about the industry and explain why I think they’re mistaken (in the nicest possible way, of course).

Their rationale is almost always based on misperceptions or misinformation. Here are some of the comments I pick up and why these concerns are mostly unfounded.

“I don’t have enough time to devote to affiliate marketing work.”

Affiliate marketing offers the best type of business model for entrepreneurs looking to make money and achieve an ideal work/life balance. You can make a great living and still get to have a life. Of course, it is still work, but in order to be successful in the field, you need to remember that it’s your own business. The work you put in is equal to what you get out of it.

No entrepreneur has ever become successful by starting a business and expecting it to run itself. Most would tell you it takes dedication, devotion and hard work mixed with sweat, tears and a little bit of luck. How much time you allocate to your affiliate marketing business will depend on how successful you want to be.

“You can’t make enough money from affiliate marketing.”

Certainly, everyone needs to make a living to afford necessities and enjoy the finer side of life, and no one should view affiliate marketing as a get-rich-quick racket.

Those who are just starting out won’t make as much initially as the seasoned veterans. In addition, not everyone is successful in this field. However, Empower Network provides the assistance and tools you need to get on the right path and make the process less challenging. The rest is up to you.

Make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew. Some affiliate marketers make the mistake of promoting as many products as possible, instead of as many as they can reasonably handle. As a result, not every product gets the necessary attention it deserves and, ultimately, the affiliate marketer isn’t successful.

There are several products and ways to make money in affiliate marketing. It’s crucial to do a bit of homework and find the methods that will work best for you and your individual business style.

Some products are subscription-based, which means you can make money on the initial sale and then more again each time the customer renews. With others, you get paid when your referral provides his email or contact information. Many provide payment when the customer makes an actual purchase.

“There’s no way I can reach enough people to make it a successful business for me.”

It’s not always about the number of people you need to reach, but rather the type of audiences you attract and where they are in the sales cycle. For example, if you have 500 visitors each month but only 1 percent are actually looking to purchase and click on the product links, that won’t help you earn much of a commission. On the other hand, having only 100 visitors with a conversion rate of 20 percent will serve your business better in the long run. Simply offering interesting information to people who are just looking for information will probably not lead to conversions.

Your content will make a huge difference in this area. It’s important to provide valuable content geared toward those who are seeking additional help at various points along the buyer’s journey. Therefore, in addition to enlightening articles about your product’s industry, you may also want to include items such as product reviews, testimonials and how-to videos. For instance, people searching for comparison reviews between two different products are usually doing so because they hope to purchase the item soon.

At Empower Network, we empower small-business owners to make money online without having to deal with the technical, marketing, payroll and overhead challenges that frustrate many entrepreneurs and may cause them to give up before achieving their businesses’ true potential and success.

“You only make nickels and dimes off every sale.”

Now that more companies have come to recognize the value of the affiliate marketing business model, there are opportunities in almost every industry. As a result, you can find products to promote at various price points.

Even luxury brands are getting in on the act. If you stick to promoting products that you like, you’re bound to be more successful.

For instance, you can promote a $20 product that’s very popular and that people will purchase again and again, and make very decent commissions every month. You could also work with higher-end brands that sell expensive items which people only purchase once in a while.

Essentially, commissions can range anywhere from double-digits to four figures. Some companies will pay a commission only for the first time your referral makes a purchase, but others pay each time any given customer buys from the company.

“I don’t know how to pitch products.”

Empower Network’s signature product is a viral blogging system geared toward helping its affiliates use the Internet to grow their businesses online. It leads them from disenfranchisement through to full self-empowerment through the use of blogs, direct sales and online marketing.

There are lots of ways to get visitors interested enough in your product to click on the links. Product reviews provide one of the best methods for marketing your goods and services. They allow you to inform and persuade without actually selling, and you get paid just for making the referral. These also tend to be highly ranked by Google, so people searching for specific items are more likely to find your site.

It’s important to remember to make sure your reviews are well-written and free of grammatical errors. If not, people will perceive them as untrustworthy (if you can’t spell correctly, how good can your information be) and poor attempts at trying too hard to sell, which is very transparent to consumers.

Also, you must be truthful in your reviews. If there are aspects of a product that you don’t like or if it’s better suited to those with lots of experience and not someone who is a novice, then say so. A genuine review should read more like a commentary and less like a sales manual. It might surprise you to learn that you’ll get more conversions by discussing both the good and not-so-good features of your product.

Product launches are another tool you can use to pitch your products. Some readers like to hear about all the hot new devices and upgrades on the horizon. Just be sure not to overwhelm your audience by writing about these too often or seeming as if you’re gushing by writing about the same feature over and over.

You can also make great use of email for your affiliate marketing work. By creating an opt-in link on your site, you can collect email addresses to provide additional information and further engage your customers as they travel through the sales funnel.

Just be sure that you understand and follow all the online rules, such as always including an unsubscribe link, not sending bulk messages to a purchased list and not using the word “free” in the subject line. In some cases, these tactics can cause your emails to be classified as spam, meaning your prospects will never see them and you’ll be wasting your hard work. Extreme cases and repeat offenses could lead to lawsuits and hefty fines for you.

Having a blog is also an effective way to pitch your clients. For this, it may be more helpful if you already have a strong readership. You also need to develop great content. Mediocre information surrounded by a bunch of promotional banners doesn’t provide value, and value is what your customers want.

Another thing to remember about your blog is that you can’t take sales information and try to pass it off as an informative blog. Your audiences will always see right through this kind of tactic and lose faith in you as a beneficial resource.

I recommend that you not stick to any one tactic exclusively. Try more than one and experiment with different options to find the method that works best for you and your business.

“I have a site but can’t seem to attract more visitors.”

Search engine optimization is critical to increase your number of website visitors. In order for customers to know about you, they have to be able to find you. Knowing who your target audience is searching for and using the correct keywords can help you attract more visitors.

In addition to knowing what your customers want, you also have to know why. When we purchase products or services, it’s to solve a problem or satisfy a want. You must understand these issues for your customers and be able to explain how your product will give them what they need.

The best way to do this is to experience the product yourself. That’s why it’s so vital that you promote products that you’re already interested in and passionate about. It allows you to both better relate to your audiences and care about the success of your product.

To be successful in affiliate marketing, you have to establish a level of trust with your readers. This takes honesty, expertise and being genuine. Remember, they’re clicking on your affiliate links because they believe in you. If you provide questionable information, aren’t truthful or otherwise lead them astray, they will not be back.

Also, remember that Empower Network is here to help you. We offer Web software, marketing and leadership tools for startup, home-based, small and medium businesses.

“There’s no future for a career in affiliate marketing.”

Those who view affiliate marketing as a way to make a fast buck are typically in for a rude awakening. I regularly encounter people who believe they can enter the industry, make a bunch of money and then get out. This type of attitude will lead to neither success nor longevity.

Although relatively new, affiliate marketing has been growing steadily and there’s no indication that this will change any time in the near future. You should plan on sticking with it for the long haul in order to achieve your goals and enhance your lifestyle.

There have been many recent advances that serve to make the industry more exciting and prosperous than ever before. New advertising opportunities through social media and the possibilities presented by mobile commerce make this a great time to be involved in the field.

In addition, more businesses are using affiliate marketing as an integral part of their strategic plan and, as a result, are taking on more affiliates. They’ve come to rely on us for what we bring to the table, like solid customer loyalty and creative ways to increase market share. These are the customers, tools and techniques they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Many networks have tens of thousands of affiliates and some have even reached seven figures.

With so much happening in the field, instead of asking why would anyone jump on the affiliate marketing bandwagon, a better question is why wouldn’t you?

I’d love to hear some of the concerns people share with you about the affiliate marketing industry. Tell me about it in the comments section.


Jonathan Cronstedt

Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, LLC. Empower Network is a leading affiliate marketing and direct sales company that’s helping tens of thousands enjoy the “Empowered Lifestyle.” Jonathan enjoys travel, spending time with his wife and red wine.


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The state of affiliate marketing in 2015

Jonathan Cronstedt forecasts what to expect in the new year

As industries go, the field of affiliate marketing is still one of the new kids on the block. However, over the last few decades, I think it has proven to be a major player and shows clear indication that it will continue in that vein.

People constantly ask me about the longevity of a career in affiliate marketing. At Empower Network, we’re working to make sure it’s a worthwhile business model and a great way to achieve an ideal work/life balance. While I don’t have a crystal ball to see into the future, I do believe there are some key developments that we can expect to see in the year ahead.

I foresee a greater understanding of the industry for those who still labor under misperceptions. This is due to the growing popularity of affiliate marketing. Now that a steadily increasing number of brands are using the affiliate marketing model to reach prospects and build relationships, the general public may view the field less as some sort of get-rich-quick scheme and more for the strategic partner it can be.

It will become harder to ignore the effects of the affiliate marketing industry. Experts predict that the affiliate marketing field will grow to approximately $5 billion by 2016, which represents a 17-percent growth.

More local and regional businesses will see the value of affiliate marketing and choose to join. Large companies like eBay and Amazon have become giants in their respective fields, due in no small part to using programs like affiliate marketing. In order to remain competitive, smaller brick-and-mortar businesses will need to find ways to attract more customers, and affiliate marketing offers a cost-effective, proven method of doing that.

Affiliate marketing provides a simple formula that anyone can understand: You only pay when your affiliate marketing partner is successful. This can be very appealing to businesses that may lack the resources to go head-to-head with the big dogs but still need to drive traffic to their websites.

Affiliate marketers will continue to find new ways to capitalize on emerging technologies. Experts estimate that consumers will complete more than $170 billion in sales through mobile devices in coming years. There are also opportunities to explore with social media, online videos and advances in email to better target your audiences.

Global marketing will remain an issue to watch. Expanding markets mean that brands will need to find ways to reach a growing customer base, and affiliate marketing is poised to contribute significantly in this area.

Government and online regulations may have a larger effect on the industry. I’m continuously asked about various rules, lawsuits and penalties regarding affiliate marketing practices and I think we could be in for a bumpier road ahead. Several states currently have or will soon put laws on the books concerning where an affiliate marketer is located and how taxes will apply.

Also, due to some questionable methods a few affiliate marketers have used, more oversight of the entire industry is a hot topic of discussion. Things like domain name tricks and sketchy search engine optimization tactics designed to game the system have left a bad taste in the mouths of many and could lead to increased calls for control and supervision of the industry.

Overall, I expect that the coming year will be one of the most exciting and challenging for the future of affiliate marketing, and Empower Network is here to help our members make the most of it.

Did I miss anything on my list? What new developments are you looking forward to seeing for affiliate marketing in 2015? Let me know what you think in the comments.


Jonathan Cronstedt

Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, LLC. Empower Network is a leading affiliate marketing and direct sales company that’s helping tens of thousands enjoy the “Empowered Lifestyle.” Jonathan enjoys travel, spending time with his wife and red wine.


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Facing fears and finding success

Jonathan Cronstedt explains fear and how you can make it work for you

In the dictionary, fear is defined as “a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.” In reality, it’s the pit in your stomach; the lingering thought in the back of your head; the hesitation before the leap; the voice telling you “no,” when you want to say “yes.” It comes in many different forms: the fear of failure, the fear of change, the fear of losing control, the fear of not being good enough. The list goes on and on.

Warren Buffett has America’s second-highest net worth and it continues to grow, despite his giving away billions. His company, Berkshire Hathaway, is the fifth most valuable public company in the U.S., with a market cap of nearly $350 billion, and he has given more than $20 billion away in his lifetime. You would assume that a  man with his power and wealth couldn’t possibly have any fears, right? Wrong.

From a young age, Warren Buffett feared public speaking and, in fact, chose his college classes based upon which courses did not require public speaking presentations. But at age 21, he knew that to be successful, he would have to overcome this fear.

Take a second and imagine if Warren Buffett had not faced that fear. Would he be where he is today?

Find the fear.

I’ve learned that in order to overcome a fear, you have to first identify it. For some of us, this is easy. For Warren Buffett, it was as simple as knowing he feared public speaking. But for others, it might be deeper. The fear might be masked with excuses and rationalizations. A fear of failure could be masked with “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t have the resources.” If you want to overcome the fear, you’re going to have to find it first.

Don’t lose it. Use it.

When you find your fear, don’t lose it. Use it. This is important. Use your fear as motivation for success. Fear is an inherent part of human nature; we all have it. The conversion of fear to action is called courage, and the victory of defeating fear makes the success that much sweeter. Allow your fear to drive your success, not drive you away from it.

Time to soar.

So, you’ve found your fear. You’ve faced it. Now it’s time to soar. Failure and fear are inevitable realities of life. However, trial and error precedes success. Give yourself the tools to excel in your work. Empower yourself to do great things and taste the sweetness of success when you overcome the hesitation before the leap. Silence the voice telling you “no” when you want to say “yes.” Empower Network has enabled thousands to overcome their fears of failure and of not being good enough. Our unique model empowers small-business owners and entrepreneurs to leverage the Internet and technology to create success. Whether it’s the fear of failure, of change, of losing control, of not being good enough or any other obstacle, identify your fear. Let it motivate you. Then empower yourself and soar.

Taking the first step is a step toward success. Warren Buffett, terrified of standing up in a group and saying his own name, signed up for a public speaking course just over 60 years ago. His fear was motivation, transformed into courage. Just look how he soared.


Jonathan Cronstedt

Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, LLC. Empower Network is a leading affiliate marketing and direct sales company that’s helping tens of thousands enjoy the “Empowered Lifestyle.” Jonathan enjoys travel, spending time with his wife and red wine.


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reaching your goals

Jonathan Cronstedt says: Don’t give up, don’t give in

7 tips for achieving goals and following through with resolutions in 2015

With the dawn of the New Year, the age-old struggle we encounter every year resurfaces: the dreaded New Year’s resolution. For the most part, the New Year’s resolution involves dreaming up ambitious goals, trying to reach them and moderately succeeding for two days before failing miserably.

Had enough of that? How can we make 2015 the first year we put down the junk food, dust off our treadmills, take that next big business step, spend more time with our loved ones and actually accomplish our self-prescribed goals?

In this New Year, employ these seven tactics to make your 2015 goals 2015 realities:

1. Empower yourself. When considering your goals for the coming New Year, focus on one thing: empowering yourself. Focus your objectives on what will most enable you to help yourself, help others and, ultimately, have the strongest positive impact on your life personally and professionally. Create goals that will improve the quality of your life and positively affect the lives of those around you, and believe in yourself and your abilities to reach those goals.

2. Realize that you’re not Superman/Wonder Woman. Establishing a list of attainable goals should be the first thing you do when creating your list of goals for 2015. As you consider what positive changes would most affect your life, create ambitious – but attainable – goals. You can only do so much, and that’s all you can (and should) expect of yourself. Creating an unrealistic set of goals will destroy motivation to even attempt to accomplish anything. You’ll become discouraged when you can’t reach your goals without realizing that you’re not meeting them because they’re unrealistic. Instead of setting yourself up for failure, create reasonable goals that will increase your likelihood for success, and be confident that achieving those goals is probable.

3. Don’t beat yourself up. If you’re having trouble meeting your goals, don’t get down or quit trying. Re-evaluate the goals you’ve set for yourself and refocus your attention on what’s most important and what you’re most likely to attain. You’re not a failure until you stop trying.

4. Find an accountability partner. Asking someone to hold you accountable for following through with your goals will greatly increase your chances for success. Something in your psyche changes when you must answer to someone else; the sense that you have something to prove takes over and gives you the motivation necessary to meet your goals. Choose someone you trust and admire as your accountability partner.

5. Treat yourself. When you accomplish one of your goals, reward yourself. Positive reinforcement will give you the incentive you need to continue checking things off your list. Associating meeting a goal with a reward will motivate you to continue following through with achieving your goals. Taking a trip, enjoying a meal out or engaging in retail therapy can fuel your desire to reach your goals for more reasons than just accomplishing whatever the goal entails.

6. Cross it out. Find a way to tangibly eliminate achieved goals from your list. Writing your goals on balloons and merrily throwing darts to pop them once you reach the goals can be very cathartic, as can trashing sticky notes, erasing items off of a white board or simply crossing things off of your color-coded, overcrowded calendar. If you have the satisfaction of physically accounting for your accomplishments, you’ll want to continue meeting your goals.

7. Recognize the implications. Above all, consider how reaching your goals will improve your life and the lives of those around you. For each goal you create, write down a list of positive outcomes of achieving it. Visualizing the results of reaching your goals is a highly effective motivator.

As we get ready to ring in the New Year, engage yourself with these strategies and watch as 2015 becomes the year that your goals become realities.

These tips have always worked well for me when I really needed to get something done. Are there any I missed? What are some of your goals for 2015? How will you make sure you achieve them?


Jonathan Cronstedt

Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, LLC. Empower Network is a leading affiliate marketing and direct sales company that’s helping tens of thousands enjoy the “Empowered Lifestyle.” Jonathan enjoys travel, spending time with his wife and red wine.


How I knew Empower Network was the right fit for me

Jonathan Cronstedt recalls how he knew he wanted to be the new CEO of Empower Network

Some of you may have read on the Empower Network blog the post that recalls how the founders knew I was the right fit for Empower Network’s CEO. I thought I would share my account of how I knew I wanted to be the CEO of Empower Network.

I have always been very passionate about having freedom in business and in my personal life. I was excited to learn that the founders of Empower Network – as well as its affiliates – had the very same passion for freedom I have. It’s very rare to find such a large group of entrepreneurs who are committed to and aligned with the same vision, and that’s exactly what I found in Empower Network.

When I met with the founders for the first time, it was like we’d already been friends for years; it was an instant connection. Conversations that were meant to last only a few minutes lasted hours, and we bonded over not-so-angry angry pickles and coincidentally coordinating outfits.

Empower Network was still a relatively new business when the founders approached me with the opportunity to be CEO (and it still is). The company has a unique culture and business model and it’s something you don’t often see in network marketing companies. These factors might intimidate most potential CEOs and make them think twice about wanting to be a part of the organization, but I saw the potential the company had. I understood the vision the founders had for Empower Network and what they wanted to accomplish in the future.

I wanted to be a part of something I truly believed in, and Empower Network was exactly that. I knew I could help grow the company and take it to places beyond what even the founders had ever dreamed.

I’ve had an amazing time working for Empower Network thus far and I’m very thankful for this opportunity. I can’t wait to continue to grow this amazing, innovative company and take it to the next level.


Jonathan Cronstedt

Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, LLC. Empower Network is a leading affiliate marketing and direct sales company that’s helping tens of thousands enjoy the “Empowered Lifestyle.” Jonathan enjoys travel, spending time with his wife and red wine.


How to make your blog posts work for you

Jonathan Cronstedt shares some blogging fundamentals

As you may have noticed, blogging is something I enjoy doing, and I’m constantly looking out for sources of inspiration for my blog posts. I recently stumbled across a video that I know every blogger out there will benefit from watching.

HubSpot’s Fundamentals of Blogging video outlines a great deal of information about blogging, from how to generate remarkable content to resources to help you think of blog ideas. I’m going to summarize the key messages that I took away from the video in this post, and I encourage you to watch it afterward in order to get all you can from it.

Keys to remarkable blog content

Remarkable content is content worth talking about. Basically, if someone reads your post, will they want to share it? Are you saying something worth broadcasting to others? Does what you’re saying have value? You should always be able to answer these questions in the absolute affirmative when writing a blog post.

A couple of my favorite ideas on the list were:

  • Address one topic per blog post
  • Blog consistently and frequently

Addressing one topic per post helps keep your message clear. It’s essential that you answer the questions that lead readers to your blog in the first place and that you teach the readers exactly what you say you’re going to teach them.

And, as it turns out, staying focused also helps with SEO.

If anyone can understand feeling like there’s no time to blog, it’s me. As you can imagine, as CEO of Empower Network, I have a very hectic work schedule that allows only a very limited amount of time for much else. Still, I always make it a point to blog weekly. Blogging consistently and frequently brings in new readers, and that means a broader reach, more fans and greater influence. Daily blogging will have a positive effect on inbound return on investment.

Promote, promote, promote

There are several ways to get more eyes on your blog. One way is to promote your posts on different social media channels.

Personally, I promote my blog on my Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter accounts. It helps to bring readers to my blog and it allows others who enjoy what they see to easily share it on their own social media sites, as well.

The video is chock full of great tips for making the most out of your blog. Put them to good use, as they’ll help you to take your blog – and your business – to the next level.

What did you think of these tips? Did anything surprise you? Are there any other big ones you can think of?


Jonathan Cronstedt

Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, LLC. Empower Network is a leading affiliate marketing and direct sales company that’s helping tens of thousands enjoy the “Empowered Lifestyle.” Jonathan enjoys travel, spending time with his wife and red wine.


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New Year's Resolution

Cronstedt’s affiliate marketing New Year’s resolutions

As CEO of an affiliate marketing company, Jonathan Cronstedt offers resolutions for affiliate marketers

Well, we’ve come to the end of another year. This is the time when most people begin to reflect on the year gone by and promise themselves that they’ll make changes to improve their lives in the coming year. You know what I mean – those enthusiastic but often unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions.

That got me thinking. Instead of vowing to call your mother more often, stop procrastinating or lose weight, you might do your future self a bigger favor by deciding that 2015 is the year you’ll take the necessary steps to be an even better affiliate marketer. Below are some of the things I’ve put on my list. You may want to adopt one or more of them as your own resolutions.

Establishing primary affiliate marketing objectives

I’ve found that when you constantly jump around from task to task, you actually get very little done. It’s better to work smarter, not harder, which is one way you can achieve the work/life balance that’s so important to Empower Network and its members.

Decide on your top two or three priorities and make a commitment to improve. For example, maybe you’re striving to gain more followers. If so, maybe for 2015 you can find new ways to promote your content or attend more affiliate events to gather ideas and learn from others.

On the other hand, you may be doing well attracting customers but need to turn more of those website visits to conversions for your product. With this goal, it might be helpful to employ new strategies. You may want to take a hard look at your site, evaluate what’s working and use trial and error to make adjustments.

Setting realistic goals and sticking to them

Of course, it would be great to increase your conversions by 200 percent, but that’s probably not doable in the next few months. And let’s face it, when you make resolutions and don’t see progress quickly, that’s when you’re the most tempted to throw in the towel.

Instead, a more practical target could be increasing by 30 percent each month, which will still get your numbers to 200 percent and above, but with a decidedly more sensible strategy. Try tracking your successes over the past year to determine any spikes in performance, or take better advantage of trending searches and hashtags to promote your product.

Gaining a better understanding of affiliate marketing and related issues

There’s a lot going on in this industry and it’s changing all the time. From Federal Trade Commission rules and varying tax laws being implemented by several states, there’s a lot to remember. However, it’s something you can’t let slide because getting on the wrong side of these issues can spell disaster for your business.

Additionally, some of these changes, such as new technology and the way brands are using social media platforms, may mean significant growth for our industry, and you want to be poised to take advantage of these opportunities. I know I do.

No matter what your goals are, Empower Network has the right tools and the assistance to help you achieve them. So, what will you put on your affiliate marketing New Year’s resolution list? I can’t wait to hear your ideas about how to make your affiliate marketing experience better in 2015.


Jonathan Cronstedt

Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, LLC. Empower Network is a leading affiliate marketing and direct sales company that’s helping tens of thousands enjoy the “Empowered Lifestyle.” Jonathan enjoys travel, spending time with his wife and red wine.

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