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Success through passion as an entrepreneur

Jonathan Cronstedt shares Jon Mroz’s Empower Network success story

“Becoming an entrepreneur is about living a few years of your life like most won’t so that you can live the rest like most can’t.”

Jon Mroz, one of Empower Network’s highest earners, considers this his “business mantra.”

Recently, Empower Network did a spotlight on our highest earners to celebrate not only their business accomplishments, but also their incredible stories. Jon, one of those featured, talked about his life, successes and failures, and he offered some advice to other entrepreneurs.

I wanted to be sure that you guys also knew about Jon, his experiences and his insight. Read on.

Jon has been with Empower Network from the start. As a close friend of Dave Wood, the two discussed Empower Network before it even launched. He says that the instant he connected with Dave’s vision, he knew Empower Network would be a success and couldn’t wait to get on board. He joined in November 2011 and his life has never been the same since.

Jon told us, “Before you can be successful with anything in life, you have to be in the right frame of mind.” He says Empower Network helped him develop that right frame of mind and now he succeeds in ventures that he wouldn’t have otherwise.

Jon recently reached the million-dollar mark, but to him (and many others), it’s not about the money:

“I have found that what truly makes me happy is impacting the lives of others, so if I can help others achieve their dreams and goals, and they can move on to help even more people, I feel that I have accomplished my aspirations.”

Like many of us here at Empower Network, empowering others to become all that they can motivates him. He draws inspiration from looking at others and what they’re accomplishing in their lives, and enjoys being a part of that success.

Jon doesn’t just help others succeed in business endeavors, he also gives back to his community, which is a phenomenal commitment. He pursues all sorts of philanthropic initiatives, something he and I both consider a great privilege.

“I have always been a huge music enthusiast but previously hadn’t been able to contribute to our scene the way that I wanted to. Since my success with Empower Network, I’ve opened a recording studio to help local artists get the recognition and experience they need to take their skills to the next level.”

He also donates to several charities to help feed the homeless during the holiday seasons. He and his girlfriend, Christa, sponsor a Tibetan monk, and they plan on spending more of their free time volunteering at hospitals and soup kitchens.

A few words of advice from Jon

It’s important for you all to note that no one handed Jon the keys to success. It’s his determination to never give up that led him to where he is today.

“I found success when I lost all my excuses.”

I was stoked to learn that Jon and I are solidly on the same page when it comes to advocating blogging. He says that blogging about what he learned, when he learned it, had a big impact on his success. It forced him to delve deeper into the questions he had about specific marketing strategies and then cement those strategies into his daily marketing practices. He advises blogging on an Empower Network blog or a personal blog, as well as gaining knowledge by reading other blogs. Sound familiar? Like I’ve been telling you, Empower Network makes these resources available to you!

While recognizing that this next piece of advice may be difficult at times, Jon advises against pitching people. In his words, “No one likes to be sold anything. Instead, find it within yourself to truly come from a place of pure giving. Rather than doing whatever you can to make a buck, take a step back and ask yourself: ‘What can I do to provide more value in other people’s lives?’ It’s going to be tough, but it’s going to be worth it.” This is a fantastic piece of advice, and so important to keep in mind.

Jon doesn’t think of the hardships he’s encountered as failures, but rather as learning experiences. His greatest setbacks, he says, came from looking for shortcuts to monetary success, like buying traffic from traffic brokers, doing traffic exchanges or buying the “next hottest software that automates the world.” After he stopped searching for shortcuts and chasing money, and started putting the time in and pursuing his true goals, he found success.

“Go after your goals. Find what you enjoy and make a living out of it. Be sure to have a strong answer to why you’re doing what you’re doing. DON’T include any monetary reasoning in your ‘why.’ It must be deeper.”

Jon has had a career that most people can’t even dream of, but he didn’t always live life as a successful entrepreneur. He actually started out as a pro skateboarder and, when he retired from that due to too many injuries, he became the marketing director for several nightclubs and toured the world as a disc jockey until he was 27. He currently lives with his aerialist girlfriend, Christa, who steadfastly supports his dreams and goals. After he became involved with Empower Network, his parents, sister and girlfriend never had to worry about financial concerns again, and now enjoy doing what they like, when they like, “while maintaining a strong sense of responsibility and discipline.”

Time to Empower

Jon thinks it’s important for everyone to have fun developing and pursuing goals and to discover a passion and make a career out of it. As he puts it, don’t force yourself into the cookie-cutter version of what everyone thinks you should be. Do what makes you happy, maintain a sense of ethics, and the rest will fall into place. Remember that what you’re doing is important, and remember why you’re doing it.

One last pearl of wisdom from Jon: “The beauty about marketing is that marketing in general is an art form. So as an artist, my question to you is, how will you choose to create your future?”

It’s important to note that income results like Jon’s are not typical. Empower Network’s income disclosure is available here.


Jonathan Cronstedt

Taking action: Reach your goals rapidly

Jonathan Cronstedt-approved action steps to success

I’m always on the hunt for terrific ideas that boost productivity and yield maximum results. I love seeing that “Jonathan Cronstedt, CEO” on my door at Empower Network, but you don’t get there without picking up a few tips and tricks along the way.

Recently, Empower Network’s own Lisa Torres, a 20-year network marketing veteran, offered some great insight on how to reach your professional goals. She uses income-producing action steps specifically customized to move her toward her goals every day.

Action steps may not work for everyone, and success can often depend on your own personal goals and commitment. But those who do perform action steps usually see a positive difference in their personal and professional lives. Lisa shared a few of her tactics that you can tailor to suit your own needs.

  • Stay active on social media. By updating your various platforms regularly and answering any questions people post, you stay connected to your audience.
  • Create and syndicate. Create videos and then write about the videos as blog content. Follow up by syndicating those posts across other social media.
  • Share your industry expertise. Set aside time each day to help others who are new to the business. You gain a deeper understanding of something when you teach it to someone else.

Along with implementing these actions in her daily life, Lisa also suggests two other activities that she’s found beneficial.

First, she recommends listening to audio recordings that are relevant to your business and actively taking notes – that means no kicking back and zoning out after you hit play. Later, review your notes and find ways to incorporate what you’ve learned into your business strategies.

The second tip Lisa provides is one that absolutely receives the Jonathan Cronstedt stamp of approval. Lisa recommends reading every single day. Any reading you do is beneficial, but choosing materials that focus on personal and professional development will strengthen your business acumen.

As I said earlier, you should customize action steps to fit your specific personal and professional goals. I’m confident that if you dedicate time every day to accomplishing these tasks, you’ll be on your way to reaching milestones you never thought possible.


Without a great team, how successful can you really be?

Jonathan Cronstedt reveals an essential component to success

If you look closely at your accomplishments, whether personal or professional, you will likely see that your success was actually the result of a combined effort – your effort, certainly, but also that of others who influenced or motivated you. The truth is that it takes a team of individuals to achieve success. No one knows that better than me, and I’m always aware that I owe much of my success to my Empower Network team!

During a recent Empower Hour call, entrepreneur Rui Gabriel shared what he considers the secret to success: teamwork. If you take a look at today’s best companies, you’ll see that they all have one thing in common: Each is composed of a great team. Great teams are essential for the preservation of a business because they serve as a support system, provide additional insight, are always mindful of the end goal and will work diligently to achieve that goal.

During the call, Rui revealed that as a teen, he wanted to be a priest, so he went to live and study in a monastery in Italy. At the monastery, the monks adhered to an intensely strict order and never spoke.

One day, Rui was working in the garden when the shovel he was using suddenly broke. Not knowing what to do because he couldn’t speak to ask for another one, Rui looked around and wondered how to go about replacing his shovel. Within seconds, one of the monks came from across the field, gave him a new shovel, picked up the broken one and walked away.

What Rui realized at that moment was that everyone in the monastery was paying attention to each individual’s needs. They all took care of each other at all times.

He recognized that he could always count on someone to be there and support him because everyone on the team focused on not only the ultimate goal, but also the well-being of each team member.

I think Rui hit the nail on the head when he said, “Businesses come and go, but people remain.”

On your path to success, it’s important to remember that one of the most powerful and essential tools you can have is a great team of individuals. People who share common goals will work together for the greater good.

Ask yourself: Without team members who work together to achieve common goals, how successful can you and your business really be? One thing’s for sure: I know that there’s definitely a long line of names on the List of People Responsible for Jonathan Cronstedt’s Success.


Blogging strategies that get results

Jonathan Cronstedt offers tactics to increase Internet traffic

By far, the most frequently asked question I receive regarding blogging is how to generate more traffic. As we all know, the more traffic a website attracts, the higher it ranks on search engines. But what about when you’re new to blogging? You set up your site and post your first bit of content, and then you wait, hoping people will read it.

I’m pleased to offer some excellent advice from the founder of Empower Network, Dave Wood. He recently wrote about how to increase Internet traffic, speaking specifically to new bloggers. I’ve listed below some of his excellent strategies. If you follow these tactics, you can see results too.

Commenting on blogs

Begin by finding the most popular blogs in your niche and leaving comments with links to your blog posts. As you publish more of your own content, more people will view your blog and subscribe to your email list. They will also leave comments on your blog. A particularly insightful or controversial comment might bring more traffic to your blog.

Guest posting

By guest posting on another blog, you are able to tap into that blogger’s audience. Almost every blog in the Internet marketing/entrepreneur space allows guests to submit posts. If you submit a quality post, the blog owner will provide a link to your blog in the author resource box. This will drive traffic to your blog and perhaps generate new subscribers, eventually raising your search engine rankings.

Posting on forums

Most forums allow you to add a link in your signature (the little box that appears under your posts). By joining forums and posting regularly (with quality responses – not just to promote yourself), your blog will begin to receive traffic through the links on the forum.

Creating Web 2.0s

You can create quick content pages on any topic on free sites such as or that will often rank well in search engine results. Some visitors will click through to your blog from the links you place in that content. The links from these pages will also help increase your Google rankings.

Submitting articles

Article directories are sites that allow users to publish articles on their domains. They are similar to web 2.0s, but they only allow text content. Links from article directories are not nearly as valuable as they once were, but it’s still worth it to publish content a few times with the top article directories. Some directories worth submitting to are:


Video sharing

Video sites like YouTube rank really well in search engines.

When you create videos about your blog topics and upload them to YouTube, Google ranks them for relevant keywords and sends a small amount of traffic to your blog. Be sure to link your blog in the YouTube video description.

Social media and outreach

Share your blog posts across your own social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I am frequently posting my content on the Jonathan Cronstedt Facebook fanpage and my Jonathan Cronstedt Twitter handle because I know that not everyone has a link to my blog.

Sharing content on social media creates a little traffic and shows that you’re actively running your blog.

Many popular blogs keep track of who is mentioning them. By linking to a few relevant blogs in your niche, you’ll often get the blog owners’ attention. They will visit your post and will often share it or mention you in posts of their own. This creates a reciprocal link. I recently linked to a few of Neil Patel’s blog posts to share his insight with you.

Uploading presentations to SlideShare

Turn your blog posts into short slide presentations and upload them to a host like SlideShare. Sites like SlideShare receive significant traffic.

Another tip? Include links to your blog within the slides or the descriptions of each upload. The presentations should send you some traffic.

Submitting to syndication communities

Share your blog posts through a syndication community and you’ll create some traffic (but keep in mind that some charge a fee). This strategy works best if you submit truly engaging, interesting content. Examples of these communities are:

  • Blog Engage
  • TribePro
  • BizSugar
  • Triberr

These are terrific strategies that anyone can use to generate traffic to a blog. When used in the right way, they can increase traffic quickly.

Be committed and consistent, and you’ll be surprised just how quickly you get results. How do you get results? Let me know in the comments below.

Jonathan Cronstedt


Engineering your success

Jonathan Cronstedt celebrates Empower Network’s successful affiliates

Empower Network recently highlighted some of its success stories, including that of Lawrence Tam. I wanted to share with you about him here, as well.

During the first ever Empower Network call, Lawrence Tam earned the distinction of being the No. 1 income earner, and it was at that moment that he realized how successful he could be at Empower Network.

After joining Empower Network in October 2011, Lawrence retired from his engineering career at the age of 33. He’s since created a personal motto for business and life, “engineering your success.”

If you ask Lawrence about the reasons for his success, he’ll tell you it’s because of his remarkable work ethic and strong desire to show his three kids that anything is possible. He likes to look at challenges as puzzles instead of roadblocks. He accepts that life will never be easy, but rather a collection of puzzles.

I’m a firm believer that to truly succeed, it’s important to understand that surrendering during times of difficulty will only prolong your journey to success. Lawrence is on board with me there. As he explains it, challenges are similar to puzzles because, though they can be stressful, there’s always a way to solve them.

There will always be difficulties, but there’s also always a way to persevere and get through those tough times. For Lawrence, working both a full- and part-time job, barely sleeping and repeating the cycle each day; being clueless about running a business; and dealing with people doubting his abilities were challenges he had to overcome in order to be successful.

One of the greatest things about Lawrence is his giving spirit. He and his wife believe they have been blessed with this business so that they can be a blessing to others. They’ve made big changes in their community by helping to build water wells, their church and a school in Uganda. They also sponsor multiple children in Asia and Central America, with whom their children enjoy regular correspondence.

Lawrence heads a team called “Team Project Mayhem,” made up of folks whom he describes as hard-working people who hit the leader boards and generate more income than he does. He guides his team by sharing his extensive knowledge and encourages them to develop and exercise their own creative styles.

I’d like to share Lawrence’s words of wisdom with you: “The moment you feel you have learned enough, it’s time to hang it up and get a job. Always be learning.”

Remember that constantly acquiring new knowledge is a clear indication that you’re growing. Learning from others’ mistakes and challenges as well as your own molds you into a much stronger and more successful individual. Just like Lawrence Tam, always use your growing knowledge to engineer your success and never give up when you face challenges.

Income results like Lawrence’s are not typical. Empower Network’s income disclosure is available here.


Jonathan Cronstedt


New year. Better Network.

Jonathan Cronstedt reflects on 2014 and goals for 2015 with Empower Network

“Celebrate more of what you want to see.”

A reflection on 2014

For me, as CEO of Empower Network, 2014 was a year for the books with the company, with which I marked my official first year. Just 3 years old, this software and Web marketing company is reaching new heights for its customers through improvements on the signature blogging platform.

Our blogging platform now offers faster results, easier navigation and more helpful support than ever before. These great tools save our members from having to deal with a lot of the everyday challenges that frustrate most business owners.

Seven members were added to the Millionaire’s Club, which recognizes those who earn more than $1 million. Each inductee receives a 14-karat gold ring with more than 80 diamonds, the Empower Network logo and the words “Millionaire’s Club.” Just note that what makes this club remarkable is that the results aren’t typical; you can check out the income disclosure here.

The new multilingual feature opens the door for greater growth into a global audience. How exciting is that? Just call me Jonathan Cronstedt, International Man of Business (not very mysterious, but it’s still got a good ring to it).

And through all of that, we still kept some very important home fires burning. Staying true to Empower Network’s core values, we made donations to Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida and the Ronald McDonald House in Miami.

In short, 2014 was a year of results for Empower Network’s customers.

Goals for 2015

I’m super jazzed for 2015; it’s going to be a year to reach new heights. We all know that Empower Network’s main product is a blogging tool that helps its members use the Web to grow their businesses online. Well, in 2015, we’ll be focusing on the reinvention and innovation of our product line with our Formula products.

We’re working to provide a more linear progression and more powerful results for our customers. The idea is that these changes will spark more growth and domination in the organic content world in the new year.

2015 is a year for creating a better experience for our customers.

Join me and the rest of Empower Network in gearing up for the new year and celebrating more of what you want to see in 2015.


Jonathan Cronstedt


Inspiring you into action

Jonathan Cronstedt shares Empower Network success stories

Being the first woman and African American to reach a million dollars in commissions showed Empower Network’s Tracey Walker that anything is possible.

Since joining Empower Network in October 2011, she has found inspiration not only in her family, but in individuals who contact her seeking success and change. This led her to create her business/life mantra, “inspiring you into action,” which allows her to inspire those who inspire her.

“I don’t just want people to listen to what I’m saying and feel great; I want them to take that and let it pump them up into action,” said Walker.

Walker believes that she has become so successful because she was willing to work hard and realize that her timeline is not someone else’s timeline. When you focus on other people’s goals, you lose sight of your own. Walker learned to not measure herself against anyone else. She realized that she had to develop, be satisfied with her process, strive to do better than she did yesterday and remain focused on her own goals.

In order to be successful, you have to accept your challenges, work through them and move on. These processes are all very familiar to Walker. Experiencing foreclosure, repossession, losing her mom, divorce, bankruptcy and watching her business plummet made her much stronger and enabled her to keep going. She believed that she was destined to do something great and that belief served as one of her biggest inspirations.

When asked how Empower Network changed her life, Walker summed it up in only a few words: “My life is free.” With her fiance, Kelo, his three children and her 5-month-old son, Jasiah, Walker is now living the life she’s always desired.

Individuals like Walker show how important it is to remain focused on your dreams and understand that nothing is impossible. You have to find something or someone who motivates and inspires you and understand that obstacles will arise. However, whatever these obstacles may be, you still have to persevere.

Finding motivation and inspiration can be as easy as having sticky notes all over your office and home. Walker placed them all over her office and mirrors, writing affirmations such as “I am a million-dollar earner” on them. By doing this, she was not only focused and reminded every day of her accomplishments, but she was motivated and inspired to keep going.

No matter what you’re involved in, keep one thing in mind: Everyone can succeed. All you have to do is focus on your goal and persevere, just like Empower Network affiliate Tracey Walker.

Have you ever hit a wall in your goals and almost gave up, but persevered through it to find great rewards on the other side? What do you do to keep you going? Tell us all about it in the comments!


Jonathan Cronstedt

– Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, headquartered in Florida. He enjoys new technology, traveling and spending time with his wife.



Day 21: Empower Network Blogging Challenge- Jonathan Cronstedt

Get a new outlook the Jonathan Cronstedt way

Today marks the last day of the Empower Network blogging challenge – I can’t believe I blogged every day for 21 days! I’m grateful for the opportunity to share with you and I hope you enjoyed all that I had to say. I feel accomplished: I was able to get my thoughts out there and drive traffic.

So here’s the last from the series of quotes and habits that really make me tick. Today’s quote is from Francis Cardinal Spellman, a religious thought-leader. Check out my YouTube video about Spellman ( and take a look at my post here.

Here it is: “Pray as if everything depended on God; work as if everything depends on you.”

To me, this quote exemplifies a life well lived. I see itin two different lights: tapping into the the higher infinite power; and translating that grace into a work ethic based on the idea that everything depends on you.

If everything depended on you, then it follows that you would feel happy andfulfilled with the effort you applied. It doesn’t mean that everything goes perfectly or you’ll get what you want; it does mean that you’re going to depend on yourself. If you have the security of knowing there is a source out there that you can draw strength from, the balance of an impeccable work ethic with a sense of dependence and acceptance is a powerful combination.

At the end of my day, two names get signed at the bottom of the page, and one of them is Jonathan Cronstedt.

I’m going to work on continuing my success with blogging. Thank you for following me on this blogging challenge journey.Like I said, I’ve enjoyed sharing with you. You’ve seen a lot of unique things on this blog and I hope they inspired you.

Blogging is a great way to connect with people about your passions and to increase your business. The day you start is the day your business can change.

I hope that you continue your habit of blogging, too, andI hope you took us up on this opportunity by using the Kalatu platform. If you haven’t, it’s not too late; be sure to get more information here:
-Jonathan Cronstedt


Day 20: Empower Network Blogging Challenge- Jonathan Cronstedt

Jonathan Cronstedt finds peace in a Buddhist proverb

We only have one more day left of the Empower Network blogging challenge. Here’s another from the series of quotes and habits that really make me tick.

The quote I wanted to share with you today is one of the coolest Buddhist proverbs – in my opinion, at least. Check out my YouTube video about it (–ijg) and take a look at the post below.

Here it is: “If you have a problem that can be solved, there is no need to worry. If you have a problem that cannot be solved, there is no need to worry.”

Every time I read it, it reminds me of being focused and at ease, removing worry from my life. I personally feel that worry can be one of the most destructive forces because with it, we’re dealing with the stress of circumstances that may never actually happen. I just tell myself, “Jonathan, let it go.”

It doesn’t matter what sort of situation you have in front of you. If it’s a problem that has a solution, there’s no need to worry because you can solve it. If it’s a problem for which there is no solution, there’s still no need to worry about it – it is what it is.

It’s a simple reminder to everyone, and I hope it helps you out like it has me. Get thinking, not worrying.

Release some of your pent-up energy by blogging, and tell others about it, too. A great tool for you to use is Kalatu, the most powerful blogging platform in our industry. Details on that are here:
-Jonathan Cronstedt


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Day 19: Empower Network Blogging Challenge – Jonathan Cronstedt

Audible books could be the newest tool in your arsenal

I enjoy sharing my favorite things – the gadgets, gizmos and goodies that I just can’t live without. I feel like it really lets you guys get to know me a little better and get a better idea of what makes me tick.

Today I want to share something that helps me learn on the go: I talk more about Audible on my YouTube channel; you can watch that video here:

Audible is one of my new favorite gadgets; I highly recommend it.

You may have heard of Audible before –it’s been around for years. But since Amazon acquired it, the program has gotten way better. There’s even an app, which means access to audiobooks and other audio items you can consume and review while on the go– and anyone who knows me will tell you that Jonathan Cronstedt is pretty much always on the go.

This app has changed my time in the car, traveling and even just waiting in line. I’m able to get through a number of books at a remarkable pace because I can listen more steadily and process information faster through audio vs. reading. I’m currently listening to a Tony Robbins book, if anyone’s keeping score.

Turning downtime into moments of productivity and self improvement means a lot, which is also part of the draw of Empower Network’s Inner Circle. The Inner Circle is a premier productthat provides audio from our field leaders. They share the strategies that work in their businesses, the techniques they use to overcome obstacles and their stories of staying motivated when they felt most beaten down.

Don’t forget: You can start blogging today or tomorrow or next week, but why wait? Get started now. Kalatu, the most powerful blogging platform in our industry, will help you make that happen. Details on that are here:


Jonathan Cronstedt