About Jonathan Cronstedt

Jonathan is the CEO of Empower Network, a fast-growing sales company based in St. Petersburg, Florida. He is at the meeting point of his two greatest joys: leadership and business. Empower Network arms online entrepreneurs with training and a suite of tools to help them market online businesses or to start their own. He spends much of his time traveling and meeting with leaders and customers.

Jonathan is also the Chairman of Prodigy Consulting Group, a product-launch consulting firm with more than $50 million in unique products brought to market. Prodigy Consulting Group is  a premiere demand generation firm helping with all aspects of online business.


Jonathan earned a degree from Concordia University in Irvine, California. While there, he started the school’s first Students in Free Enterprise chapter, which earned awards for most innovative new chapter as well as country-wide rankings in its first year.

Jonathan’s background is broad and riddled with success. He has led at the senior executive level in mortgage finance, consulting services to the Fortune 5000 and business development in information publishing.


A results-oriented individual, Jonathan believes in setting clear and specific goals and managing those specific outcomes to completion. When hiring new employees, Jonathan looks for the four key traits of integrity, passion, humility and accountability. He believes in empowering those around him and delegating to allow them to shine. The mentality of “work hard, play hard” is a good one but, to Jonathan, a better way is to work smart and play smart. He surrounds himself with individuals looking to improve already-created systems rather than throw more hours or people at something.

For Jonathan, success is defined in terms of engagement instead of happiness. He seeks out engagement and experiences that are so encompassing that he loses himself in them.

Every morning, Jonathan plans out the day, which includes a to-do list of no more than three key items that he wants to move the ball forward on each day. Before the end of one day, he looks toward the start of the next.


Jonathan thoroughly enjoys visiting Europe; his top locations to visit include Italy, especially the Italian coast; Salzburg, Austria; and the Greek Islands. If he is traveling domestically, he enjoys New York City.


When not traveling, Jonathan spends time with his wife, Nicole, whom he met at a high school dance and remained friends with for nine years before reconnecting and getting married to several years ago. Before the rush of the day starts, he enjoys beginning his day with a cup of coffee and a conversation with Nicole. He also enjoys spending time with their dog, Stella, who is half bichon and half cocker spaniel.


Whether he’s working, traveling or enjoying a great cigar and scotch at their home, Jonathan aims to live life to the fullest. He considers the line between work and play rather undefined, as work can be play and play can be work – and the balance between the two can be difficult to manage. Therefore, he enjoys whatever task is at hand to the fullest of his ability.

An avid reader and a fan of humor (especially Steve Martin), Apple products and tech gadgets, Jonathan also enjoys Justin Isosceles wine, traveling and Mercedes Benz cars. He has a love for fast cars and he feeds this love at the world’s largest Mercedes Benz dealer in Southern California. A self-proclaimed foodie, one of Jonathan’s favorite meals is a cheeseburger with french fries.

Jonathan recommends these business and leadership books for others looking to increase their knowledge banks:

  • How to get Rich by Felix Dennis
  • The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • Leading an Inspired Life by Jim Rohn
  • The Bible

To his younger self, Jonathan would say, “Take full ownership of your life. Nothing wastes more time or energy than blame, entitlement or excuses. Learn to cultivate being present in every moment. Stay laser-focused on what truly matters. And don’t stress: you’ll meet the woman of your dreams and she’ll marry you.”

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