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Why Your Company Should Blog?

By Eli

Many companies have already discovered the benefits of blogging. Blogging is a proven, cost-effective marketing tool. Providing informative and unique blog posts about your company keeps current customers engaged, and helps attract new clientele. However, for blogging to be effective, it must be done in a thoughtful and consistent manner. The following list gives tips to help your company create a blog, or improve an existing one.

1. Blog About Your Company’s History

Most customers want to feel they know something about the company they are selecting. Blogging about the beginning stages of your company (and how it evolved to present day) helps customers relate to your company and understand what your company and its culture is all about. When making purchases, customers are likely to go with what they know. Give them something interesting to know and remember.

2. Blog About Your People

In relation to the previous topic, you should also introduce customers to your key employees and leaders. Customers like knowing about the company, and they also like knowing who runs it. Profiles and interviews with staff members establishes customer trust and confidence.

3. Blogging About Products and Services

Most people nowadays do an internet search before buying something and selecting a provider. Jonathan Cronstedt, CEO of Empower Network, suggests having consistent, high quality blogs about your offerings which may show up in customer generated search results. This will allow you to have the “first stab” at a prospective client and leave a lasting impression. Furthermore, clients who see that your business has taken the time to thoroughly explain its product will give it more credibility.

4. Informing About the Industry as a Whole

People looking for your services are likely interested your business, and also the industry as a whole. Potential customers want to see that you truly understand your own industry as an expert would. They also want to know where your company fits in the bigger picture.

5. Blogs on Community Involvement

Many customers like to see that their favorite business give something back to the community. In the opinion of Jonathan Cronstedt, a company which contributes to the community earns the respect and trust of customers. You can score major points by discussing your community service projects, donation events, and contributions towards local school and youth sports programs.

6. Guest Blog Appearances

Your blogging efforts don’t have to be concentrated on your own website. You can reach out to other complementary businesses in your area to write for them. For example, a car detailer might blog on the site of a local car dealer. This increases your exposure in the community and shows you are trustworthy in the eyes of other business owners.

7. Involvement in Social Causes

Aside from informing about you community service involvement, you might also blog about social causes you support. Maybe you already support National Cancer Prevention Month. Let people know how you contribute. As Jonathan Cronstedt proposes, you might even advertise special offers during this particular month to attract additional business.

8. Offers and Specials

Some people may no longer go through the newspaper to look for coupons and other discounts. Take advantage of this by posting specials in your own blog. Searches for discounts are popular and may drive more traffic to your site.

9. Special Events

If your business is involved in a special event, such as a well-known convention, tell people about it. Summarize interesting aspects of the event, and discuss your involvement. Let people know how this will help your business grow and perfect its service.

10. Don’t Give Up

This last tip is not about a blog topic. Rather it is somewhat of a golden rule of blogging. To be successful in blogging, you must be consistent. It is recommended by Jonathan Cronstedt that you plan a workable schedule and stick to it. You want readers to know when they can get new information. Following through regularly instills confident in followers which will carry over to your products and services as well.

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