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Jonathan Cronstedt celebrates Empower Network’s successful affiliates

Empower Network recently highlighted some of its success stories, including that of Lawrence Tam. I wanted to share with you about him here, as well.

During the first ever Empower Network call, Lawrence Tam earned the distinction of being the No. 1 income earner, and it was at that moment that he realized how successful he could be at Empower Network.

After joining Empower Network in October 2011, Lawrence retired from his engineering career at the age of 33. He’s since created a personal motto for business and life, “engineering your success.”

If you ask Lawrence about the reasons for his success, he’ll tell you it’s because of his remarkable work ethic and strong desire to show his three kids that anything is possible. He likes to look at challenges as puzzles instead of roadblocks. He accepts that life will never be easy, but rather a collection of puzzles.

I’m a firm believer that to truly succeed, it’s important to understand that surrendering during times of difficulty will only prolong your journey to success. Lawrence is on board with me there. As he explains it, challenges are similar to puzzles because, though they can be stressful, there’s always a way to solve them.

There will always be difficulties, but there’s also always a way to persevere and get through those tough times. For Lawrence, working both a full- and part-time job, barely sleeping and repeating the cycle each day; being clueless about running a business; and dealing with people doubting his abilities were challenges he had to overcome in order to be successful.

One of the greatest things about Lawrence is his giving spirit. He and his wife believe they have been blessed with this business so that they can be a blessing to others. They’ve made big changes in their community by helping to build water wells, their church and a school in Uganda. They also sponsor multiple children in Asia and Central America, with whom their children enjoy regular correspondence.

Lawrence heads a team called “Team Project Mayhem,” made up of folks whom he describes as hard-working people who hit the leader boards and generate more income than he does. He guides his team by sharing his extensive knowledge and encourages them to develop and exercise their own creative styles.

I’d like to share Lawrence’s words of wisdom with you: “The moment you feel you have learned enough, it’s time to hang it up and get a job. Always be learning.”

Remember that constantly acquiring new knowledge is a clear indication that you’re growing. Learning from others’ mistakes and challenges as well as your own molds you into a much stronger and more successful individual. Just like Lawrence Tam, always use your growing knowledge to engineer your success and never give up when you face challenges.

Income results like Lawrence’s are not typical. Empower Network’s income disclosure is available here.


Jonathan Cronstedt


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