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Jonathan Cronstedt offers tactics to increase Internet traffic

By far, the most frequently asked question I receive regarding blogging is how to generate more traffic. As we all know, the more traffic a website attracts, the higher it ranks on search engines. But what about when you’re new to blogging? You set up your site and post your first bit of content, and then you wait, hoping people will read it.

I’m pleased to offer some excellent advice from the founder of Empower Network, Dave Wood. He recently wrote about how to increase Internet traffic, speaking specifically to new bloggers. I’ve listed below some of his excellent strategies. If you follow these tactics, you can see results too.

Commenting on blogs

Begin by finding the most popular blogs in your niche and leaving comments with links to your blog posts. As you publish more of your own content, more people will view your blog and subscribe to your email list. They will also leave comments on your blog. A particularly insightful or controversial comment might bring more traffic to your blog.

Guest posting

By guest posting on another blog, you are able to tap into that blogger’s audience. Almost every blog in the Internet marketing/entrepreneur space allows guests to submit posts. If you submit a quality post, the blog owner will provide a link to your blog in the author resource box. This will drive traffic to your blog and perhaps generate new subscribers, eventually raising your search engine rankings.

Posting on forums

Most forums allow you to add a link in your signature (the little box that appears under your posts). By joining forums and posting regularly (with quality responses – not just to promote yourself), your blog will begin to receive traffic through the links on the forum.

Creating Web 2.0s

You can create quick content pages on any topic on free sites such as or that will often rank well in search engine results. Some visitors will click through to your blog from the links you place in that content. The links from these pages will also help increase your Google rankings.

Submitting articles

Article directories are sites that allow users to publish articles on their domains. They are similar to web 2.0s, but they only allow text content. Links from article directories are not nearly as valuable as they once were, but it’s still worth it to publish content a few times with the top article directories. Some directories worth submitting to are:


Video sharing

Video sites like YouTube rank really well in search engines.

When you create videos about your blog topics and upload them to YouTube, Google ranks them for relevant keywords and sends a small amount of traffic to your blog. Be sure to link your blog in the YouTube video description.

Social media and outreach

Share your blog posts across your own social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I am frequently posting my content on the Jonathan Cronstedt Facebook fanpage and my Jonathan Cronstedt Twitter handle because I know that not everyone has a link to my blog.

Sharing content on social media creates a little traffic and shows that you’re actively running your blog.

Many popular blogs keep track of who is mentioning them. By linking to a few relevant blogs in your niche, you’ll often get the blog owners’ attention. They will visit your post and will often share it or mention you in posts of their own. This creates a reciprocal link. I recently linked to a few of Neil Patel’s blog posts to share his insight with you.

Uploading presentations to SlideShare

Turn your blog posts into short slide presentations and upload them to a host like SlideShare. Sites like SlideShare receive significant traffic.

Another tip? Include links to your blog within the slides or the descriptions of each upload. The presentations should send you some traffic.

Submitting to syndication communities

Share your blog posts through a syndication community and you’ll create some traffic (but keep in mind that some charge a fee). This strategy works best if you submit truly engaging, interesting content. Examples of these communities are:

  • Blog Engage
  • TribePro
  • BizSugar
  • Triberr

These are terrific strategies that anyone can use to generate traffic to a blog. When used in the right way, they can increase traffic quickly.

Be committed and consistent, and you’ll be surprised just how quickly you get results. How do you get results? Let me know in the comments below.

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