Cronstedt covers a key affiliate marketing concern

Understand what kind of impression you’re making with your affiliate site

In previous blogs, I’ve discussed the importance of good content for your affiliate marketing site and how to go about creating it. However, content is only part of the equation.

As CEO of Empower Network, a major affiliate marketing organization, people are constantly asking me, “Jonathan, why are some sites successful and others aren’t, even when they’re promoting the same type of product?” Often, the answer lies in the impression you make with visitors. Here are a few tips to increase your chances of making a good one:

Don’t expect a second chance to make a first impression.

Take a good look at your website and ask yourself what people would think about it in the first 10 seconds. Better yet, ask someone else for an opinion of your site.

This may seem like a short period of time, but in reality, it’s all you get. Studies show that consumers take only a few seconds to decide whether to stay on your site or click away. Just like meeting someone for the first time, the choice is usually based on how attractive you are.

Drab colors or pages of unbroken text could make you appear ugly. Not having enough information or having a site that looks like everyone else’s only serves to make you practically invisible among the crowd. Links that don’t work or information slapped around haphazardly on the page can make your site look messy and disorganized.

When you have too many links or use extra-large type, it may make your site seem pushy and loud. If you have too many banners or pop-ups, visitors might think you don’t have anything to say or have no value to add to their lives. In other words, you’re boring and they’re going to leave your site for another.

I constantly check out my site, As I do, I look for ways to enhance it and improve my audience’s experience, always mindful of the impression I’m making.

Leaving a good impression is as important as creating one.

Successful affiliate marketing is all about building relationships. A good rule of thumb for deciding which products to promote is this: If your friends don’t know that you are interested in the subject or industry, then chances are it’s not something you really care enough about and want to see it succeed.

Make sure the products are things you would probably use, at least occasionally. This way, you’ll develop a solid audience base and position yourself as a go-to source for useful information. Without at least some knowledge, you may be viewed as disingenuous or insincere and, even if your visitors do stay on your site for more than a minute, they won’t be back.

Don’t be afraid of change

Some affiliate marketers will create a nice, attractive website and then do nothing, hoping the dollars will just start pouring in. This behavior will get you nowhere; it’s the equivalent of sticking with that 1980s hairstyle or outfit and still expecting to get dates.

In order to improve the impressions you make, it’s vital to change with the times. You must continuously tweak and adjust your website until you get it right. Encourage feedback and comments from your customers. Then, don’t be afraid to change it even more to make it better. Empower Network provides assistance with our viral blogging system designed to help you grow your business.

Of course, this is only my opinion, but the name Jonathan Cronstedt didn’t become synonymous with successful affiliate marketing out of the blue and for no reason. I would love to hear about what design elements you’ve found to be beneficial (and those that weren’t so great). Let me know in the comments.


Jonathan Cronstedt

Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, an affiliate marketing, software and leadership training company. You can follow Jonathan on Twitter @thejcron.

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