Day 11: Empower Network Blogging Challenge- Jonathan Cronstedt

Featured image credit: www.withings.com

Jonathan Cronstedt blogs on his favorite gadgets, gizmos and goodies for the blogging challenge

I have another gadgets, gizmos and goodies that I can’t live without that I wanted to share with you. This technology product is Withings Pulse. You can watch the video here: http://youtu.be/t3WlkTqZJE0 or read my insight below.

If  you are looking to add a little more fitness to your 2015 year, check out the Withings Pulse. I use it for a pedometer to measure my steps.

The goal is to maintain 10,000 steps per day to help with cardiovascular health. The Withings Pulse interfaces with the iPhone and with each of your steps you earn badges/accomplishments. The app may show you that over the course of a month you hiked Mt Everest or walked around the island Jamaica.

It is a great way to keep your body in motion.

You can even blog about your steps, especially since, Kalatu, the most powerful blogging platform in the industry, is now available for everyone. Get a triall of the Kalatu blog for $7 for 7 days, which includes beta access: https://www.empowernetwork.com/kickstart-cart-special/beach

Do you use Withings Pulse? Do you use another product?

-Jonathan Cronstedt


Featured image credit: www.withings.com

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