Day 15: Empower Network Blogging Challenge- Jonathan Cronstedt

Cronstedt: Positivity, part of the blogging challenge

The number of days left in our blogging challenge is quickly dwindling, but even if you haven’t started yet, you still have time to start your own 21-day blogging challenge!

Today we’re going to talk again about quotes, habits and things that make me tick. This one is more of a personal habit that I feel others should adopt, as well. As CEO of Empower Network, I constantly deal with many different people who have different views on life and who all have a different reaction to pretty much everything. I always have to remind myself, “Jonathan check yourself and take a moment.” I need to realize that I may not know where they’re coming from. So today, I’m giving you a very important piece of advice: Always assume positive intent.

You can check out my YouTube video explaining it here: http://youtu.be/guf3FJXUO24.

Like I said, everyone comes from a different background and reacts to things differently. In today’s world, we seem to communicate most comfortably through emails and text messages. The problem is that this way, we don’t have the nonverbal signals that we can rely on with face-to-face personal contact.

One of the most important things I’ve learned is to assume positive intent. I find that if I use this as the first screen that I look through, I see more success. Otherwise, I risk irreparable damage among my interpersonal relationships.

This philosophy will give you a moment to clarify your thoughts and keep hasty, emotionally charged responses out of the equation. Assuming people are coming from a positive place makes for a good day for everyone.

Set yourself up for positivity and success in 2015 by assuming positive intent from the people you interact with.

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-Jonathan Cronstedt

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