Day 2: Jonathan Cronstedt Blogging Challenge

Jonathan Cronstedt shares some of his favorite things

As week one of the Empower Network blogging challenge continues, I, Jonathan Cronstedt, continue to share some of my passions and favorite items with you.

As you know, I love goodies, gadgets and gizmos. One of my favorite things are speakers, especially Sonos Speakers. You can listen to me rave about these speakers on YouTube or read the post below.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBY0UVrW04c&feature=youtu.be

I actually have the Play:1, which is the smallest size. Each speaker is wireless and can create its own music zone for each speaker where every speaker plays its own song or you can have every speaker can play the same song.

The iPhone app is phenomenal. It is handy as it can connect to your spotify playlist and you can specify which zone you want to play what song.

Sonos also has Play:3 and Play:5 for wireless speakers. I bring our Play:5 outside for music while we entertain and I love hearing music easily play throughout the house.

I hope you enjoy my blog post and video about Sonos. Do you have a speaker system you prefer?

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-Jonathan Cronstedt


Featured image credit: ThinkStock.com

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