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Jonathan Cronstedt and Revolution: A blast off event

Empower Network positively impacts its community and its members

The latest Empower Network conference, Revolution, took us to sunny Las Vegas. Even if you’ve never been, you know there’s always something to do in Vegas. And in the midst of so many lights, shows and people, our Empower Network team members worked to do good and better themselves.

During the event, we made a donation to the ORION Foundation, which is a Southern Nevada-based nonprofit that assists people who are unable to afford the essentials of daily living while undergoing treatment for cancer. This disease takes from so many people; we wanted to give back so that those fighting cancer know that there are people in their corner.

Empower Network is a family, and we know that the little things can make a big difference. Recognizing the little things encourages our desire to “blast off.” More than this, Revolution brought the family together. It’s always fantastic to see our affiliates gathering to listen and share advice, encouragement and new ideas.

We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about having Neil Patel speak at the event. A number of people have come up to me and said, “Jonathan, I’m so glad I was at the Revolution event to hear you, Neil, Dave, Mars and everyone else speak. I’m so pumped!”

Revolution also gave us another opportunity to actively support not only ourselves but the community, too. Officials at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority told us that our 1,100 attendees had an estimated $1,089,000 local economic impact on the Las Vegas area.

I know that some people arrived early and some people stayed late, and that $1 million figure doesn’t even take that into account. I’m proud. Through our events, we are impacting people’s lives in positive ways.

One message to take away from the Vegas conference is to spread our vision of changing the world. Contributing to cancer research is only one way Empower Network attempts to continue that change.

Let’s plan to increase our positive impact in April as we head to Nashville.




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