Jonathan Cronstedt’s top 2015 content goals

Make this the year that you turn plans into profits

As we drive full speed ahead into the new year, there are a ton of challenges and exciting opportunities awaiting those of us in affiliate marketing. Empower Network’s got you covered with all the resources and tools you need to make 2015 your most successful year yet. To take full advantage, I think it’s important that you set goals and make a dynamic plan to achieve them.

One of the most critical areas where you need clear goals is with your content. To get you started, here’s a list of what I’m calling “Jonathan Cronstedt’s Top Content Goals for 2015.” Feel free to steal some of these as you whip your own list into shape.

Trendier headlines

Think about the last article you read online and why you decided to read it in the first place. You were probably attracted by an interesting headline, right? While the quality and readability of your content is essential, first you have to draw the reader in. Your headline is like the shiny object that makes the audience look your way, so it should be bright, smart and informative. Jonathan’s tip: “Don’t rush this step; take the time to develop great headlines.”

Take advantage of any useful technology

These days, it seems like if you don’t have something moving on your site, you may as well be standing still. Not too long ago, if you had videos or lots of photos on your site, they wound up hurting more than they helped because they took so long to load that prospects would click away. Now, tools like podcasts and YouTube, Instagram and Vine videos are almost expected, especially with today’s always-connected consumers. These tools actually give you an opening to further showcase your products, demonstrate how they work, upload satisfied-customer testimonials and apply a host of other great add-ons to your content. Jonathan’s advice: “Don’t be afraid to try a few of these technologies to find what works best for your business and your success.”

Value and excellence is the name of the game

No matter what product you’re promoting, you’ve got to keep your content up to the highest possible standards. You also need to have valuable information to offer. These factors are your best bet for increasing conversions and encouraging repeat visitors. Cronstedt’s recommendation: “Don’t forget to put yourself in your readers’ shoes; read your content the way your audience will to make sure it’s well-written and useful.”

Bump up your distribution

Even the best content is useless if no one sees it. Make this the year that you use every tactic at your disposal (the legal ones, of course) to create your best content distribution system. You’ll have to live and breathe likes, shares and remarketing so that all of this becomes second nature. Find the right platforms to reach more targeted segments and special interest groups. In this game, you need to make your content easily shareable across multiple devices. Jonathan’s suggestion: “Learn even more about social media and attend affiliate marketing events to find out how others might be doing it better than you.”

In the world of affiliate marketing, content, creativity and two-way conversations with your audience will define what we do in 2015.

Got any other goals on your radar? Hit me up in the comments section with your ideas.

Jonathan Cronstedt

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