New year. Better Network.

Jonathan Cronstedt reflects on 2014 and goals for 2015 with Empower Network

“Celebrate more of what you want to see.”

A reflection on 2014

For me, as CEO of Empower Network, 2014 was a year for the books with the company, with which I marked my official first year. Just 3 years old, this software and Web marketing company is reaching new heights for its customers through improvements on the signature blogging platform.

Our blogging platform now offers faster results, easier navigation and more helpful support than ever before. These great tools save our members from having to deal with a lot of the everyday challenges that frustrate most business owners.

Seven members were added to the Millionaire’s Club, which recognizes those who earn more than $1 million. Each inductee receives a 14-karat gold ring with more than 80 diamonds, the Empower Network logo and the words “Millionaire’s Club.” Just note that what makes this club remarkable is that the results aren’t typical; you can check out the income disclosure here.

The new multilingual feature opens the door for greater growth into a global audience. How exciting is that? Just call me Jonathan Cronstedt, International Man of Business (not very mysterious, but it’s still got a good ring to it).

And through all of that, we still kept some very important home fires burning. Staying true to Empower Network’s core values, we made donations to Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida and the Ronald McDonald House in Miami.

In short, 2014 was a year of results for Empower Network’s customers.

Goals for 2015

I’m super jazzed for 2015; it’s going to be a year to reach new heights. We all know that Empower Network’s main product is a blogging tool that helps its members use the Web to grow their businesses online. Well, in 2015, we’ll be focusing on the reinvention and innovation of our product line with our Formula products.

We’re working to provide a more linear progression and more powerful results for our customers. The idea is that these changes will spark more growth and domination in the organic content world in the new year.

2015 is a year for creating a better experience for our customers.

Join me and the rest of Empower Network in gearing up for the new year and celebrating more of what you want to see in 2015.


Jonathan Cronstedt


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