Taking action: Reach your goals rapidly

Jonathan Cronstedt-approved action steps to success

I’m always on the hunt for terrific ideas that boost productivity and yield maximum results. I love seeing that “Jonathan Cronstedt, CEO” on my door at Empower Network, but you don’t get there without picking up a few tips and tricks along the way.

Recently, Empower Network’s own Lisa Torres, a 20-year network marketing veteran, offered some great insight on how to reach your professional goals. She uses income-producing action steps specifically customized to move her toward her goals every day.

Action steps may not work for everyone, and success can often depend on your own personal goals and commitment. But those who do perform action steps usually see a positive difference in their personal and professional lives. Lisa shared a few of her tactics that you can tailor to suit your own needs.

  • Stay active on social media. By updating your various platforms regularly and answering any questions people post, you stay connected to your audience.
  • Create and syndicate. Create videos and then write about the videos as blog content. Follow up by syndicating those posts across other social media.
  • Share your industry expertise. Set aside time each day to help others who are new to the business. You gain a deeper understanding of something when you teach it to someone else.

Along with implementing these actions in her daily life, Lisa also suggests two other activities that she’s found beneficial.

First, she recommends listening to audio recordings that are relevant to your business and actively taking notes – that means no kicking back and zoning out after you hit play. Later, review your notes and find ways to incorporate what you’ve learned into your business strategies.

The second tip Lisa provides is one that absolutely receives the Jonathan Cronstedt stamp of approval. Lisa recommends reading every single day. Any reading you do is beneficial, but choosing materials that focus on personal and professional development will strengthen your business acumen.

As I said earlier, you should customize action steps to fit your specific personal and professional goals. I’m confident that if you dedicate time every day to accomplishing these tasks, you’ll be on your way to reaching milestones you never thought possible.


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