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Cronstedt encourages momentum with new products

To say I’m excited for the upcoming Empower Network event in Orlando, Florida, would be an understatement. As CEO, I’m preparing in a number of different ways for the expected 4,500 attendees. Most recently, I prepped with the live launch of Empower Network’s new product, the Top Producer Formula. I’m excited about the Top Producer Formula and how it can help those struggling with their online businesses.

The new product is a training program designed to help affiliates and members figure out exactly what they are missing in their online businesses that might prevent them from making sustainable money.

The Empower Network team created the Top Producer Formula based on feedback we received from members; the overall goal is to assist Empower Network members with improving their businesses and becoming top producers.

As you may have seen in another recent blog post, Empower Network also recently launched an offline DVD marketing kit enabling affiliates to share Empower Network with individuals who like a tangible product in their hands in real time.

For the live event in Denver, Empower Network founder Dave Wood and CMO Mars Burden joined me. Denver was a great experience and we are thankful to the more than 3,000 people who registered for the webcast and participated with us live. We hope you enjoyed it as well.

We are definitely building momentum for the Oct. 24-26 event in Orlando. Can you feel it? Are you registered?

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