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Jonathan Cronstedt dishes about new products

Empower Network, where I am CEO, is having its next conference in Orlando, Florida, at the end of the month. To say I’m excited would be an understatement. Not only do we have Empower Network’s upcoming three-year anniversary to celebrate with attendees, but also a few new products.

We micro-launched Team Building Formula on Sept. 27 at a live event in Denver. It’s an eight-module training course that gives affiliates the formula that we at Empower Network use to build teams and continually grow and maintain our business. Each of the specifically designed modules in the training break down how to build a team in a network marketing company and maintain momentum in an online business.

I am very passionate about this product because building a great team is essential to the success of any business. Here at Empower Network, we are known for our unique team and unbelievable success, and we want to share what helped us with you.

Another product we’re excited about is our Top Producer Formula, which we also launched at a live event in Denver back in August. The Top Producer Formula is a 13-module training program designed to help affiliates and members figure out exactly what they are missing in their online businesses that might prevent them from making sustainable money. We created this product after customer feedback, and it assists Empower Network members with improving their businesses and becoming top producers.

Were you one of the attendees who joined Dave Wood, Mars Burden and I in Denver for the micro-launch in September? How about the micro-launch in October? Are you registered for the Orlando event yet?

What do you think about this new product? Let me know!

– Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, LLC. Empower Network is a leading affiliate marketing and direct sales company that’s helping tens of thousands enjoy the “Empowered Lifestyle.” Jonathan enjoys traveling, spending time with his wife and red wine.

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