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Jonathan looks back at a successful first year

Jonathan Cronstedt reflects as his one year as CEO approaches

As I reflect on the past almost-year as the CEO of Empower Network, I like to contemplate my time and the opportunity I’ve been given to encourage the company’s growth on a global level. I can definitely tell you that the last year has been an incredible adventure.

I was first drawn to Empower Network’s community. It is a large and committed group of entrepreneurs who are aligned in the vision for freedom in their businesses and their personal lives.

I’ve always been interested in lifestyle design and the ability to create something that blends the line of work and play; Empower Network was specifically created to give people the ability to bring that about. Through my work both before joining the company and after, I have found that network marketing is something that people initially get interested in due to the income opportunity but that they’ll stay for the personal development and the community.

I still have a little time before that official one-year mark, but I wanted to share with you some of the things that have impacted me over the last year.

For me, the first year has been about understanding a lot more about the two main goals that many representatives have: achievement of financial security and progress down the path of personal development, which should be blended in a symbiotic way.

During my first year as CEO, the elements of counter culture and counter intuitiveness surprised me the most. Network marketing typically focuses on certain standard principles, yet the amount of success and engagement that our community has with individual ideas is surprising – especially since many of the ideas never would have been incorporated into a network marketing company before due to those standard principles. It’s the fact that it doesn’t require you to go after friends and family and the reality of the success that comes with thinking differently in every area that’s a foundational aspect of network marketing.

Something else that at first surprised me about Empower Network is our commitment to our representatives. We put the representatives first unequivocally in every category, no matter what – even if it hurts us financially. We believe that’s the way our industry should be equipping representatives for success and it’s something I personally stand behind 100 percent.

I hope my second year as CEO will be as exciting and successful as my first. I’m thankful to the Empower Network team for welcoming me with open arms and inspiring me in so many different ways. I hope to be able to continue helping the company grow and prosper into my second year and beyond.

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