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A personal message to my Empower Network family

Note this recent policy change at Empower Network

Many of our affiliates may have seen this message on our corporate blog or in an email we sent out, but I wanted to discuss it a little further in my own blog.

Everyone who knows us at Empower Network knows that we believe in personal freedom. Everyone who knows us knows we put our affiliates and their interests above all else.

When it comes to our attention that an affiliate is standing in the way or encroaching upon another affiliate’s right to entrepreneurial freedom, we take it very seriously.

As of Oct. 21, anyone who is, after a full investigation, found to be cross-recruiting someone he or she did not personally enroll in Empower Network will be suspended for one month. Anyone who chooses to continue cross-recruiting in this manner will be removed from our community and we will permanently terminate the affiliate relationship.

The reason why we frown upon this practice and view it as unethical is that it splits the recruit’s focus and effectively robs the affiliate who originally brought him into Empower Network.

If you personally enroll (not a pass-up) someone into Empower Network, you are free to discuss any company outside of Empower Network together.

Anyone who believes that something great can be built by stealing opportunistically is simply wrong.

Empower Network is one of few companies in the industry that has grown organically. We’ve never once given out a back-room deal to a leader, nor have we ever offered performance incentives for people to raid a group or company. It’s something we’ll never do.

If you have any questions, please refer to the blog post on Empower Network’s corporate blog.

Now that we have this out of the way, lets get back to having a great time in Orlando!

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