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Success in all forms

Success can be a funny thing – people measure it in all different ways. For some people, success comes quickly, and the loss of success can be devastating.

For young adults, graduating from college and landing that first real job can denote success. For a new mom, success can be getting her baby to sleep through the night, or breastfeeding. Success could be retiring – at any age – from a job and enjoying your ideal lifestyle.

I define success in terms of engagement instead of happiness. In my opinion, happiness is difficult to quantify. I seek out engagement and experiences that are so encompassing that I lose myself in them. To me, that means success.

Within Empower Network, where I am the CEO, I encourage our affiliates and remind them that their success is based on their willingness to learn, willingness to put in an effort and their own work ethic.

I am lucky, as I view myself as successful in my career. I’m the CEO of a growing company that is helping others change for the better and allowing them to live their lives as entrepreneurs. The industry is one in which I feel engaged and that I enjoy – sometimes too much, as it can be difficult to maintain a work/life balance. Overall, though, I have the privilege of seeing people grow and transform themselves as they become successful people who are more engaged than they may have been in their previous careers.

How do you define success? Are you engaged in your job or career path? If not, what change could you make that would allow you to be more successful?

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One thought on “Success in all forms

  1. Jonathan Cronstedt is right. Judge your own success by how engaging you are. Lose yourself in these experiences. Ultimately, I think you’ll find that you’re happy.

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