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Users seek tools; Cronstedt and Empower Network provides

People are often heard saying that they do not have all the tools they need to complete their jobs and achieve their goals. Can you imagine hearing a doctor say this right before an operation? Luckily, the medical industry is always evolving and many in it enjoy state-of-the-art technology at their fingertips.

As the CEO of Empower Network, I am always working toward new and improved technology and resources that help our affiliates enjoy a greater sense of fulfillment, accomplishment and success with their efforts.

Recently, Empower Network added a DVD marketing tool kit, Fight the Forces of Evil DVDs, to its offering for affiliates to utilize in their work. We wanted a product that adds credibility to Empower Network and our affiliates while allowing prospective affiliates to receive a tangible product in their hands in real time. We want others to be successful as they build their businesses and change their futures. The DVD marketing tool kit is one way to give individuals the opportunity to learn about and access Empower Network.

Marketing online businesses offline and marketing offline businesses online are really misnomers. “Offline” and “online” should be processes that go hand-in-hand and are mutually inclusive of one another, as one effort complements the other.

When Empower Network markets offline, it is through the culture of our company, word of mouth and other referral elements that then move people online to engage with us. The same is true with the Fight the Forces of Evil DVDs, which include a fast-start kit, distributor kit and an opportunity DVD. Individuals in possession of the DVDs also receive a special access code that allows them to join Empower Network online.

We are excited to share this new tool with you and we hope that the new tools we provide add to your overall success and engagement with your work.

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