How to be amazing and engaging on social media

Social media is an amazing place to be a social butterfly! It allows users to post details about their lives, meet new people and connect with some of their favorite brands. But for companies, it’s also a great way to provide informative and interesting content for their consumers, which is why it’s a powerful marketing tool in today’s digital world.

Companies that rock and excel at their social media efforts are the ones that are engaging and really reaching out to their targeted audiences to start conversations, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media network. Every company’s goal is to engage with its customers, and each company might have a different approach that works. But if you’re scratching your head, wondering how to engage and be amazing with all your social media efforts, here are some handy tips to get you going:

1. Find out what your followers want and then give it to them. It’s one thing to provide your audiences with content, but it’s a totally different story to provide them with content that they actually want. And the only way to find out what they want is to ask them. Every once a while, ask your fans how you can improve your social media content so that it’s more appealing to them; then review all the feedback from Twitter, Facebook, etc. To make it even easier, set up a special hashtag for your company’s feedback initiative and ask your audience to use it to inform you of what you can do. Or, you could even make it a general company hashtag and monitor it to see what the general public, your competitors and your industry are all saying about you.

2. Ask questions. This is sort of like the previous tip, but instead of asking how to improve your brand, ask thoughtful and real questions to get your audience to converse with you. Just make sure you keep your questions open-ended and with a positive bent so that you get back positive answers. Also, make sure the questions pertain to your industry. Twitter is one of the best platforms for this kind of interaction.

3. Talk like a real person, not a robot. Be real with your audience and it’ll be real with you. So instead of being professional all the time and trying to sound like the company (although this is important, too), make sure you still talk like a human being who’s at the other end of the screen. Share employee introductions and behind-the-scenes stuff with your audiences so that they can see that you’re not just trying to make a sale. More than likely, you’ll get a lot of engagement with posts of this nature.

4. Share content. Although you’ll probably spend the majority of your social media efforts promoting your brand, every now and then, promote content from others, including influencers, bloggers and even other followers. For instance, on my Facebook page, you’ll see all sorts of content, from inspirational quotes to links to articles and videos I’ve found interesting or helpful. Heck, you could even go as far as sharing something your competitor did! It’ll make your audience feel as if your brand is part of a larger community.

Empower Network has a ton of resources available to help its members and affiliates succeed in their business endeavors across all sorts of platforms. What’s your favorite way to put social media to work for you and your business? Where and what was your most successful post?


Jonathan Cronstedt


Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, LLC. Empower Network is a leading affiliate marketing and direct sales company that’s helping tens of thousands enjoy the “Empowered Lifestyle.” Jonathan enjoys travel, spending time with his wife and red wine.

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