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Kulcar, Jonathan Cronstedt, Empower Network

Many people seek out the newest technology to help them complete their work, accomplish their goals and enhance their lives; I’m one of those people. When I hear about a new tech product, I’m always eager to learn more and share with others to get the word out. One of the newer products I’ve heard about is a car-cooling device for when your car is off and parked in a lot: Kulcar.

Cooling parked cars from the inside out
There are a lot of products on the market for vehicles, and many of them assist with keeping the heat or sun out of the car. An option for helping to keep the sun from beating down and heating up your vehicle’s interior is a shade for your windshield. However, that doesn’t help remove the heat from the car; you’re still left with a stifling oven, which isn’t fun, especially in the summer when you live in California or work in Florida like I do. I’ve found Kulcar to be a balance between sunshades and keeping your car in a covered lot.

Cooling cars off with solar power
While not as simple as unfolding a sunshade when you park your car, the solar-powered system is easy to install. Kulcar attaches to any car window that rolls up and down. The solar-powered fan brings the cooler outside air into the vehicle and ventilates the air already in there. Kulcar isn’t a permanent fixture, either, so you can remove it during those cooler winter months if you need to.

Rolling down your windows and blasting the air might be more convenient for you, but it definitely isn’t more comfortable for those sitting and waiting for the car to cool down, especially for those with dark leather seats. Kulcar maintains a reasonable temperature in your parked car while you’re not in it.

It should be noted that using Kulcar doesn’t mean you can leave pets or children in locked vehicles in the sun.

10-year warranty and sustainable energy
One of the exceptional things about this new technology is that it’s backed by a 10-year warranty and uses only 100-percent sustainable, renewable energy. You’re not only going to reduce the need to blast your air conditioning unit right away, but your car will maintain a cooler temperature throughout the day.

The Kulcar difference
This technology for your vehicle is available now for about $100. I’m really not sure why someone didn’t think of this sooner. Whether you live or work in the south or just can’t stand the stifling summer heat in your car, Kulcar might be the best option for you. For the price, it definitely doesn’t hurt to try it. I know I’m eager to get my hands on this technology!

What new technology are you excited about?
Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network, a leading affiliate marketing and direct sales company. Jonathan enjoys new technology, traveling, spending time with his wife and red wine.

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