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A CEO’s tips for stress-free traveling

Jonathan Cronstedt provides helpful tips for travel

Traveling is something I have to do often for work, and something I love to do on vacation.

My favorite place to travel to on vacation is Europe, especially the Italian Coast, Salisbury, Austria and the Greek Isles. They are beautiful and perfect for spending time relaxing with my wife N. Cronstedt.

While I thoroughly enjoy these exotic locations, traveling can be stressful – no matter if it’s for work or play – with the all the hustle happening in and around airports, traffic, layovers and long waiting times. I have a few travel tips I always refer to, especially for my frequent business trips, that may also help other professionals make traveling for work trips stress-free.

These might come across as obvious tips; however, it may surprise you how few business professionals know how to travel. This includes those young business professionals who recently started traveling for work.

Travel lightly: Only take what is essential. Get travel-sized bottles for toiletries you might need and don’t overload yourself with things you probably won’t use. Pack smart. Have a plan for every item you intend to take. Make sure your clothing is versatile and that you can mix and match it with ease.

Carry on: Airports are infamous for losing and destroying luggage. Airlines will reimburse you for any out-of-pocket expenses you may incur when something happens to your luggage, but most have a limit on how much they will reimburse you and it can take a while for you to receive the compensation. My solution is to never check a bag! Carry on only. Not only does it ensure my bag is never too far from my side, but it also keeps me to my first tip of packing on the light side.

Battery life: My final – and possibly most important – tip is to carry an external battery for your phone when traveling. I know my phone always dies at the most inopportune moment. When I’m stuck waiting at the airport, I like to use my phone to pass the time, but things like games, apps and just browsing the Internet drain phone batteries faster than normal use. Having an external battery is necessary because with it, you won’t have to be a wall hugger like everyone else with a dying electronic device, fighting for one of those rare wall outlets. Most of the external batteries available today can charge not only cell phones for hours on end, but laptops, too. Some can even charge both at the same time.

I hope my travel tips will be useful in preventing stress from taking over the next time you have to travel. Do you have any other travel tips for me? Let me know!

Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network. He is also an experienced traveler from California to Florida and across the globe. Jonathan enjoys spending time with his wife and their puppy, Stella.

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