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Jonathan Cronstedt’s travel goals

Dreaming of the next big adventure

You could say that when I dream, I dream big. Anyone who knows me will tell you that Jonathan Cronstedt loves to travel, and I always feel like I’m planning my next big adventure or dreaming of where I’ll go next, especially when I’m traveling for me, as opposed to for Empower Network.

Last year, through traveling both for pleasure and in my capacity as CEO at Empower Network, I flew more than 225,000 miles. To tell the truth, I’m eager to increase that amount in 2015, especially as I look to visit and experience more and more places.

During a previous career transition, I had the ability to spend six weeks bouncing around Europe with a buddy. It was a fantastic experience, yet I felt like I wasn’t able to fully experience each place we visited, which brings me to my travel bucket list.

Jonathan Cronstedt’s travel bucket list

My ultimate goal (which is currently unfeasible) is to take a year off to spend one month in each of 12 different countries. As a foodie, I want to taste my way through each of these countries, which I believe is one of the best ways to experience any new place.

The ability to spend a full month in a country, in my opinion, allows you to enjoy the full experience. That way, you’re not running yourself ragged trying to see and do everything you can in just a week or a few days. It allows you to find some of those hidden gems that you might not have come across in only a short stay.

The 12 countries I want to visit and experience as fully as possible are:








South Africa


United States (I would stay in New York)


Scandinavia (Sweden/Norway)

Cultural immersion is so important as you become a more culturally sound individual, which can allow you to add to your knowledge base and enhance your everyday experiences with others.

I’ve found that traveling allows me to better relate to people, which helps me out as the CEO of a company that reaches people from all walks of life. Traveling allows you to see things through another person’s eyes and experiences, and that can be an incredibly valuable tool.

What are some of the places and activities on your travel bucket list?


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